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By signing up for Netflix Canada service, will i be able to replace my TV cable service finally?

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Having a TV cable services can be quite expensive in the long run if there are only a few handful of channels that I actually watch. Since my TV cable channels wasn't fully utilized by me, I wanted to explore the idea of signing up for Netflix Canada. However, I do understand I would need to upgrade my internet data allowance each month as well. Watching Netflix I know can take quite a lot of data access and that I could go overboard on the Data plans if I am not careful in monitoring the data usage.


asked in Fort McMurray by Isaac Steele (168 points)

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1 Answer

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If you watch a lot of movies rather than the local channels, then it is worth cutting the cables and going for the internet streaming services. Before you do that, you will need to have an unlimited internet data plans because you don't want to go overboard in streaming movies. Netflix is way cheaper than paying for the cables TV and it has a massive collection of movies, documentaries and hit TV shows series. You do not need to wait for the TV schedule to watch TV shows in Netflix, you simply choose the TV shows you like and start watching. Whereas with a TV cable most times you needed to know what time a certain show will be playing on TV and then only you can sit down and watch it.

With internet streaming stick such as ROKU streaming stick or the Chromecast streaming stick, you can turn your TV into smart TV. There are a lot of news streaming channel as well if you are worried about the lack of news with internet streaming. In fact, there are a lot more variety and choices with internet streaming compared to traditional TV cables.
answered by Nick Murphy (169 points)

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