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Is it necessary in Canada, to take flu shot every year to prevent getting the flu?

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My family Doctor recommends me to take a flu shot vaccine every year to prevent getting the flu but I still end up with the flu eventually. Twice a year I fall sick in spite of taking the flu shot. But if I don't take the flu shot it could have been worse for me I guess.

What I understand it the way this flu shot works is that the vaccines contains a small trace amount of the actually dead flu virus. So when that vaccine is injected into our body, our body starts producing Anti-Bodies to fight the invading dead virus. Although the virus is dead but the body recognise it as alive and starts the production of antibodies. Then when the actual virus attacks our body during the winter months, our bodies will have enough antibodies to fight the actual virus. What I don't understand is that why I still fall sick in spite of me taking the yearly flu shot vaccines.

Flu Shot

asked in Victoria by Jake Lee (202 points)

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1 Answer

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Vaccines helps your body to manufacture anti-bodies and prepare your body for future attacks by viruses. But in some cases it actually weakens your body. If your body's immune system is weak at the time of injection of the vaccines, your body could not be able to handle the injected vaccines and you will experience various health problems. Although it is highly recommended by Doctors to take vaccines each year, it is really not necessary. Taking flu shot doesn't guarantee you won't fall sick during the year. Some people choose not to take flu shots because they want to fight the cold flu naturally. People who are older in age or at a very young tender age usually have to take flu shots to combat the cold flu virus.
answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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