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Why do I have a thin white horizontal line inflammation running across both of my inner cheek area?

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I haven't notice this health issue problem appearing inside on both my inner cheeks area until one day, when I felt a sharp pain coming on my left inner cheek while brushing my teeth at night. I opened my mouth to see what was causing the pain and found that a round black sore had developed inside my left inner cheek. I also noticed a thin long white line running across my entire left and right cheek area.

I applied some medical herbs in powdery form and that took care of the black round sore by the next morning but that white lines on both side of my cheek remained. It has been about two weeks since I had it and I was wondering if this is something serious, possibly a mouth cancer or tumour. I don't feel any pain on my cheeks now and I don't drink, smoke or take any drugs. I take extreme care of my health and body, I am very careful of what I eat and I don't do anything that will harm my body. Does anyone have a similar experience as mine?
asked in Saguenay by White line inner cheeks

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2 Answers

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I also have the same condition with a thin white line on both side of my inner cheek. My Doctor said that white line was caused by friction rubbing my teeth with inner cheek side, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally I wouldn't do that, otherwise I would have been aware of it. I guess it must be my teeth grinding episode during my sleep.

Initially I thought it could be a sign of benign tumour or pre cancerous signs, so I asked my family Physician to do a mouth swab test for me. My results turned out to be negative which means I don't have any of those benign tumour or pre cancerous cells on my cheek. Surprisingly there is no cure for such condition. We can just hope it goes away on its own.

It is easier if we can stop grinding our teeth against inner cheek intentionally but sometimes unintentionally during our sleep, we cause the white line to appear, due to friction between teeth and inner cheek.

Another physician told me that it could be due to fungus or bad bacterias inside my intestine that is causing the white line to appear in my inner cheeks. The Doctor prescribed me anti fungal tablet which I had to take only one time. This tablet didn't do much. I was asked to gargle with salt water regularly but this didn't do much good either. I was also asked to eat more of Yogurt because it gives me good bacteria. Now, this yogurt eating helped me a bit but it didn't completely remove the thin white line in my inner cheeks.
answered by Linea Alba Solution
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Watch video on "What causes Thin white line across your inner cheeks on both sides and what can be done about it if possible":

answered by Thin white line cheeks

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