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What should i use to get relief from itchy skin? Is the Itchiness due to the dry weather in Canada?

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Sometimes my skin gets really itchy for no apparent reason. At first I thought I was getting food allergy or other allergy. So I went to a skin specialist and he did the skin pricking test where my forearm skin was pricked with fifty kinds of allergens which could possibly cause allergy. The doctor was surprised to find that I was not allergic to any allergens. He couldn't figure out what was causing the allergy skin eruption. He actually gave up on treating me on this unknown itchy skin condition.

Since no one in the medical world could figure out what was causing my skin to get itchy, I would at least want something to calm the itchiness. The doctor prescribed me Cetirizine (Reactine) tablets to take daily. In spite of me taking the tablet orally, I still get the itchy skin and it turns bright red all over and spreads throughout my body. So I tried the Calamine Lotion but the liquid lotion made me feel so sleepy and weak all day. My skin is very sensitive to ointments and lotions. The lotion didn't help much either, it only helped for a few hours and the rash itchy feeling was back.

Allergy Itchy Skin

asked in Victoria by Jake Lee (180 points)

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Sometimes a person may get itchy skin conditions for unknown reason. There is just no way of finding our the culprit which is causing the itchiness. Our science haven't reached that stage to understand and cure allergy. Since most allergy are not life threatening except for few serious cases, Doctors usually prescribe Reactine to be taken orally once or twice a day. People taking this medication should use precaution not to operate vehicle or do any task that requires extreme concentration because this prescription drugs will make you feel very sleepy. It is advisable to only take the prescription drugs before going to bed so that by the next morning when you get up, your drowsiness will be gone and you will be refreshed to start your day properly. Try applying oatmeal cream to soothe your skin swelling caused by itchy skin conditions. Oatmeal cream really helps to calm down the intensity of itchiness and they do not harm your skin when used in the long term.
answered by Andrew Randall (195 points)

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