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What is that one single cure to deal with unknown body hives and face acne pimples?

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I have a medical condition problem called "Urticaria" caused by unknown reason which makes me feel very itchy throughout my whole body. I break out in hives red in color all over my body and the only solution Doctor could give me was to take "Reactine" or "cetrizine" tablets. At that time, I thought I was allergic to certain foods such as Eggs, Dairy, Seafood, Eggplant, Milk, Peanuts and other nuts.

I even went so far as to do an allergy test by allowing the doctor to do a prick test on my forearm skin. The allergy doctor had an instrument where it contains about 40 to 50 known allergens and they pricked me with that instrument with small needles. Most of the allergens test came out negative except for dust allergens. Doctor said there is no food allergies in me and dust allergens is something that cannot be avoided or cured. Many people have dust allergic reaction and currently there is no scientific cure for it.

I swear that I still have food allergies to food mentioned earlier because whenever I eat those forbidden food, I get bloating in my stomach, dizziness, short of breath, itchy hives, weak limbs, and lack of appetite. I have tried a lot of other herbal or naturotherapy homeopathy treatment method to cure this health problem of mine but to no avail. I was told that I could live my entire life with this unknown hives problem and there will never be a cure for it.

Apart from this problem, I also have severe acne problem on my face. Whenever I eat something fry or oily or spicy food, I break out in acne pimples over my face. When I stopped eating those harmful food, my face gets better but there still are pimples left on my face. I believe that this has got to do with my hives problem as well. Somehow, they both must be related and connected to cause these medical issues for me.
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2 Answers

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Taking Anti histamine tablet such as Reactine or cetrizine will temporarily control your body hives and potentially you could be on the tablet permanently your whole life. For people like me, I am on such Anti histamine tablet for life. I couldn't go one day without taking the Reactine tablet.

One day, my Doctor advised me to start eating yogurt daily to treat a fungus infection in my body intestine. To my surprise I started to have a better control of my Body hives after taking yogurt daily. My body felt less itchy and my skin wouldn't break out in hives easily due to heavy pressure on my skin. Earlier if there was something sharp rubbing against my skin in any part of my body, I used to break out in hives on that part of my Body which was scratched or rubbed hard. Since eating yogurt daily, I feel that my symptoms have become less severe miraculously.

This may not work with everyone because everyone has a different body reaction to certain food. Some food may help a person extremely well, but for some people the same food will have no benefit to them. What works for me may not work for some people at all.

By eating yogurt daily, I realized that my acne and pimples problem on my face has become less severe too. I don't break out as much as before and my face In general has a smoother appearance now. I guess what yogurt does is that they replace the bad bacteria in our guts intestine with good bacteria. It was the bad bacteria which was causing a lot of inflammation throughout our body especially vulnerable areas as our face. By getting rid of the bad bacteria and replacing them with good probiotic bacteria, the inflammation problem is gone in our body.

For those of you who are looking to lose some weight, eating Yogurt daily can help too. Yogurt contains healthy proteins which curbs our hunger and provides us with satisfactory feeling of fullness in our stomach. So we end up eating less but feeling full at the same time. The best time to consume Yogurt would be after a meal.
answered by Yogurt Power Healing
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Watch video on "The most surprising benefits of Yogurt for your hair and skin, you may not know exist":

answered by Eat Yogurt Daily

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