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Which smartphone app will play only instrumental music radio (Without Human Voice) in Canada?

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I love music and I listen to a lot of latest songs played from the local radio. But at times, after a hard day and when it is time to get relaxed before sleeping, I like to listen to only instrumental music. Don't get me wrong, I do like the human voice in the songs but just not when I needed to relax and when I needed to wander into my lost dream world. My siblings had bought a CD with relaxing instrumental music and from that point on, I was so hooked into this thing. I had listened to those instrumental music in that CD for quite a while now and I like to listen to new ones.

What I would love to listen to would be a radio which plays all types of instruments such as piano, guitars, violin, and flute. This way I would not get bored with one particular instrument and I can listen to different types of instruments each day.

Instrumental Music

asked in Victoria by Jake Lee (202 points)

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1 Answer

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If you want to use your PC computer to listen to instrumental music then you should go to http://www.calmradio.com. They have the best and most number of instruments with genres and types music. If you do not want to subscribe to their monthly plans, you can still listen to their music for free but with occasional advertisement announcement. I am usually fine with the occasional advertisement as long as the service is free.

If you are using your smart phone to listen to the instrumental music, then you need to install the app called "Calm Radio" which are available in the App store (For IPhone) and Play Store (For Android phones).

answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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