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How do i put on weight without having to eat too much food?

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I have always been skinny and I believe it is due to my family genes. No matter how much I eat, I still can't get to a decent size body mass. Some people said that I need to rest and sleep more, but I have done those things and I am still in square one. I do like playing basketball, would that be the reason why I am not gaining weight?

People say when we play active sports, it is hard to gain any weight. Some people say that eventually once I reach 30 years old, and after becoming a father I would naturally become heavy. I doubt those saying though because I know my body is so resistant to gaining weight due to our family genes of being skinny.
asked in Banff / Canmore by Riley Shaw (141 points)

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1 Answer

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When you reach 30 in age and after you become a father, then you will surely gain weight. Strange as it might seem about this truth but it actually is the case. Family genes is also one of the factor keeping you skinny. I knew someone who tried all the products in the market to gain weight but still couldn't gain much weight. He is now into his forties and still he is skinny due to his family genes of staying thin always.

Lifting dumbbells will help you to build mass around your arms and legs. This mass and muscles will later turn into fat and make you gain more weight. Start eating one banana every day. Banana gives you good amount of energy, Iron and potassium and other vitamins, minerals. I started gaining weight once I started to eat banana daily and I feel great too. Banana has started to replace the believe that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away. In stead people now say that one banana a day keeps the Doctor away.
answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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