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Is it cheaper to use paper plates and cups for meals rather than wash ceramic dishes plates or cups after every meal?

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This question had been on my mind for a long time and I try to debate about this matter myself. One of my relatives told me that it could be cheaper and easier to use paper plates and cups everyday and throw them after one use. They all do that at home and it saves them lots of time and money from having to wash ceramic plates and cups each day. They both couple had been arguing over this matter when they finally struck up this easy way of dealing with "Who is going to have to wash plates today?". They said now their life is much easier now that they don't have to argue about this problem.

I on the other hand like to be in an old fashioned way. I like to be able to wash my own plates and reuse them each day. I kinda feel a bit of sentimental attachment to my ceramic plates and cups. I never looked at if I could save money or time by switching to using paper plates and cups. Of course when there is a house party at my place. I use paper plates and cups for easy disposal later. On regular daily routines, I prefer not to waste paper plates and cups. Some people argue that washing cemaric plates and cups waste water and dish washing soap but for me that is a very small price to pay when compared to using disposal paper plates and cups. What would you rather prefer in regard to both above choices?
asked in Sherbrooke by Danny

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1 Answer

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When it comes to having to choose between using paper plates, cups versus using ceramic plates, cups, it all depends on your personal preferences. Of course, ceramic plates and cups are more eco friendly to use because they are reusable and can be reused many times unless broken. Only some water and dish washing soap is used to clean the ceramic plates and cups. Then they can be left to dry, ready to be used again. With this method there is very little wastage or damage done to our earth environment.

On the other hand, paper plates cups can take quite some natural resources to manufacturer. If you are concerned about damaging the environment, then this method is not right for you because it uses natural resources to produce paper plates cups. If you have money to spare and can afford it, paper plates cups are very convenient and doesn't need any washing on your part. However, you may want to recycle your paper plates and cups. You cannot just throw the dirty plates cups into the recycle bin. You need to wash them first and clean them properly before you can recycle them. The garbage recycling facilities will not recycle the paper plates cups if it is dirty. Else you can throw them in your garbage bin directly if you plan on not washing them. When it comes to which method is cheaper, I say using ceramic plates cups is surely the best way to go.
answered by Paper ceramic plates

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