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Has anyone tried using Agoda.com website for booking hotels in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada? I need an honest reviews.

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I have been searching over the Internet trying to book hotels stay in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada for our holiday trips. I found this website Agoda.com offering hotels deals in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The reviews sounded quite genuine but I am a bit concerned that this company is headquarters in Asia and it seems like they don't have an office here in Canada. I am just hoping that if I book a hotel through their website, that the deal is honoured and valid by the hotels there in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

In the past, people have been disappointed with some other websites where they've done their hotels booking. After having confirmation from a certain website that their hotel is booked, only to find out that those booking were invalid because those websites turned out to be bogus and fake. I am not saying such is the case with this website. Maybe this website is great and truly genuine and serves a good purpose for a lot of people. That is why reading reviews is so important these days, when doing booking or shopping online. It is only when people are satisfied and had experienced the good service offered by companies that other people like me can come to a conclusion, if it is really worth it.
asked in Quebec City by Benny

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2 Answers

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When I was looking for a hotel to stay for one night in Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada, I too was scouring the internet looking for deals on the month of August which was the peak tourist season of the year. All the hotels were either booked or very expensive located near the actual Niagara falls. I had to look for the hotels quite far away from the actual Niagara falls about ten minutes by car.

I saw some deals on Hotels.com, Trivago.com, booking.com but the same hotel was way pricey in these websites. Alas, I found this Agoda.com website where the hotel I wanted was going for a very discounted price. I was quite impressed by the price and all the fees and charges extras were properly explained and shown beforehand, so there were no last minute hidden fees surprises. I looked at the Agoda.com website and realized that their office is located out of Canada in reality. I was skeptical at first and kept my finger crossed.

I went ahead in spite of some doubts and worries and booked my hotel stay at Days Inn Lundy's Lane area. Right after I booked the hotel and got a confirmation in my email, I tried going directly to the Days Inn hotel website to try and see if my booking has been confirmed. I used the booking reference that Agoda.com gave me but it didn't work at the Days Inn hotel website. I guessed the booking reference was for the Agoda.com website only, and I was right. I even thought of calling the Days Inn hotel and asking them to confirm if my hotel stay has been booked but I didn't call them. I had faith in the Agoda.com website and I somehow feel that this website was not a scam.

On the day of the actual stay in the hotel, I arrived late to check in and was successfully able to check in smoothly without any problems. This goes to show that Agoda.com is a genuine website and it works perfectly. Just as it was mentioned in the website, I paid some extra fees for parking and other miscellaneous fees which was fine with me. I just wanted to have a good time with my limited budget.

After my hotel stay in Days Inn hotel, I received an email from Agoda.com asking me for a review on the hotel I stayed in Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada. I gave me an honest review about the hotel stay experience I had and what could be improved. In a few days time, my reviews was published online at their Agoda.com website unaltered, just the same words I used for the review.
answered by Hotel Review
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Watch video on "How to book a hotel anywhere in the world using Agoda phone app, do it the easiest and fastest way":

answered by Search Hotel Worldwide

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