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How to pay for my electricity Toronto Hydro Bill Online? Do I need to submit my Electricity consumption reading to Toronto Hydro for billing?

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For all these years, I have been renting my relative's basement room, I never had to bother about paying for my electricity bills. It was included in the rent that I paid my relative every month. Life was easy back then and I could save quite a lot of money renting a basement apartment. The only bill I was paying at that time was my own mobile phone bill.

Life changed when I decided to buy a townhouse to live in for myself. Suddenly all these bills started coming out of nowhere and there are so many bills and other things about the house that I don't know about. I am sure I will learn them all one day but for now, I am trying to tackle them one by one. For starter I want to try paying for my electricity Toronto Hydro Bill Online. The reason why I opted for paying my bills online is because it saves me a lot of time. I don't need to line up in my bank just to be able to pay my monthly electricity Toronto Hydro Bills. I want to be able to do those bills payment in the comfort of my home. After all, why not take advantage of modern technology such as online banking, and online bills payment. I believe in updating myself with new stuff and new technology whenever new ones comes up anytime. I try to educate myself as much as possible about the new technology available in our daily lives to improve my life as a whole.

At the end of the month, do I need to take a look at my electricity meter reading and report those reading to Toronto Hydro so that they could bill me correctly? Or is it all done automatically? Will someone from their department come and take electricity reading each month?
asked in City of Toronto by Brenda

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1 Answer

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You can start paying your Toronto Hydro bills online using the following steps below:

1. If you haven't registered for online billing yet, you can do so by clicking on the link here "My TorontoHydro".
You will have to agree to their online terms and conditions to move on to the next step. Type in your "Name", "User ID", "Email address", "Password" and "Security Questions". Simply follow the on screen instructions to complete the registration.

Have your hard copy Toronto hydro bill ready in hand to enter your account number and other details the form may ask. You can only register online after your first hard copy bill has been received and paid for that month, which means before the second bill comes you can Register for online billing.

2. Once you are registered, you can do a lot of things with the "My TorontoHydro" online access such as:

*View your bills and past payment history.
*How much electricity is consumed at any time of the day, or weekly or monthly.
*If you move to a new location, you can update your address and account, so you can be billed correctly.
*Your bills can be delivered as E-Bills online instead of hard copy paper and you can even setup a preauthorized debit to withdraw the bill amount out from your bank account of your choice.
*If you are a landlord, you can setup an arrangement where your tenant will receive bill for their portion of electricity consumption, and you pay for your own portion of electricity under the same address.
* If there is any power outage in your area, you will be notified so that you know when the power was out in your home. You can then make decisions based on the power outage such as reset your electric clock time in your appliances, or check your security cameras and your ineternet enabled wifi garage opener.

3. To start access to your online account, you click here "Toronto Hydro Login". Enter your UserID and Password.

4. Click on "View Bills". Find the latest statement date of your bill and open it.

5. If you have already setup a preauthorized debit payment arrangement, you don't need to do anything. The amount shown in the bill will be withdrawn from your bank account on the date mentioned.

6. If you did not setup preauthorized debit authorization, then you need to make a payment for the same amount shown due on your online bill. Make a note of this bill amount and write it down.

7. Now you login to your own online banking account such as TD Bank, CIBC, BMO, RBC, HSBC or any other bank where you have online access.

8. Choose "Bills", "Manage Payee" options.

9. In the search box, type in "Toronto Hydro Electric System" as payee name.

Enter your payee account number (It is the same as shown in your Toronto Hydro Bill).

Enter a description of this payee, you can enter any name that you like for your own personal convenience of remembering this payee.

It will show that you successfully added this payee on the next step. If this does not happen, then it means you could have made a mistake in the account number or something. Go back and check all your entry again and correct them.

10. Choose "Pay this payee" or "Pay bills" and find the "Toronto Hydro". Enter the amount you want to pay to "Toronto Hydro Electric System". Tap on "Pay now".

11. Once you are done, it will show that you paid the amount to Toronto Hydro Electric System from your bank account. But keep in mind, that the transactions does not immediately reflect on your Toronto Hydro online account. It will take a few business days for the transactions to show that you paid the amount on your Toronto Hydro Online account. So don't get panicky and no need to call customer service why the payment hasn't gone through. You should only worry if two weeks have gone by and the Toronto Hydro online account is still not showing the payment made from your online banking account. Then this time, you should call customer service. If you have done everything correctly, the payment will go through and you will be fine.
answered by Electricity Online Bills

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