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How to pay for my Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard bills online? How do I know the amount of Canadiantire E-Money rewards I have collected so far?

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I have seen advertisement by Canadiantire promoting their Triangle MasterCard brand and I never gave it a thought that I wanted to apply for it. Even when I was shopping at the canadiantire store, some of the employees were trying to convince me to apply for their Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard. I already had a credit card from Walmart and I was earning rewards there and I didn't really wanted to get more credit cards.

But one of my friend showed me the benefits of using the Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard and it opened my eyes as to how it will benefit me in the long run. So I decided to apply for the best Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard that they have. The credit card required me to have an annual income of at least $80,000 in order to qualify which I did and I had a good credit score. These two things were enough to qualify me for the Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard. I applied online using their website and surprisingly I got a reply on the next day saying I have been approved and the credit card will be sent to me in the mail very soon.

Within 3 days I received the Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard and I loved the Rewards the card was offering. No annual fees, 4% cashback in Canadiantire E-Money for purchases at Canadiantire store, 3% cashback in Canadiantire E-Money for grocery Purchases, 5 cents per litre in Canadiantire E-Money for gas purchases, and free Roadside Assistance Gold Plan. Nothing beats the Rewards they were offering. Some people will say that the Rewards are going to be in Canadiantire E-Money only, which I am fine with it. I love shopping at Canadiantire store and I buy things there quite often. So for me it is a win win situation.

Now I realized that after using the Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard for almost a month, how could I pay my credit card bills online? Do I receive a paper statement in my mail? But I like to receive my bills as an E-Statement online.
asked in Meadow Lake by Brandon

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1 Answer

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As soon as you receive your Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard, you need to activate it either online using the link they provided triangle.com/activate or by calling the toll free number listed in your paper.

1. If you are activating your credit card online, follow the link triangle.com/activate and choose any one of the following that applies to you. "I know my pin", "I don't know my pin", "Sign in to activate". If this is your brand new card and you never had a pin before, choose "I don't know my pin". Then follow the steps that comes up on your phone screen.

2. Once you successfully activated your Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard, you need to create an online account for yourself so you can do things like checking your credit card balance, checking your Canadiantire E-Money rewards balance, your credit card limit remaining, and all the transactions you did on your credit card. To enroll in online account, choose here ENROLL NOW.

3. You will need your Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard ready on your hand to type in the card details to enroll in online account. Always remember your username and password. Your email is also important when you need to recover forgotten password. So choose the right email that you can remember.

4. To login to your just created online account, click here SIGN IN. Once you get your notification in your email that your E-Statement is ready for viewing, you will login into your ONLINE ACCOUNT.

5. Once you are logged in, you can see your Canadiantire E-Money balance, transactions details, credit limit balance and many more things that you can explore yourself. Click on "E-Statements" and here you can see all the bills that has been issued and ready for viewing. Click on the bills dates you want to view.

6. To pay the balance shown on the E-Statement you just received, you can use your own online banking account such as TD Bank, CIBC, RBC, BMO. Simply add payee as "Canadiantire MasterCard" on your bank online access account "Manage Payee", "Pay Bills" section. Enter your MasterCard number for "Account Number" and then enter the amount you want to pay. Choose "Pay now".

7. The money that you just paid from your online bank such as TD BANK, RBC, CIBC, BMO, HSBC will not reflect on your Canadiantire Online account immediately after paying your Canadiantire MasterCard bills. It will take a couple of days before the payment transaction will show in your Canadiantire Online account. So don't panic and call the customer service because they will tell you the same thing to wait as well.

So it is not as difficult as you thought it would be if you follow the correct instructions. You just need to do a bit of exploring here and there and you will get the hang of it once you do it one time or more.

answered by MasterCard Tutorial Guide

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