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What kind of Emergency survival kit that every driver should keep in their car in case of an emergency car breakdown?

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It is always better to be safe than sorry. This is my motto for a lot of things in life. When it comes to emergency kits, I give the same approach as well. I like to have those emergency kits ready just in case I need them in the middle of the dead cold Canadian winter or Summer or car breakdown at some desolated area road.

I have a new car purchased and so I wanted to do a road trip to another city which is about 3 hours drive. Just the thought of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is nerve racking sometimes. Although my car is brand new and i am sure nothing will happen to my car and I believe it won't break down on me. I like to play it safe and pack for myself some emergency kits to keep in my car.

I have read news and heard stories about what happened to those people who weren't prepared for an emergency and how they died without any help reaching them at the right time. If only they could have hold on a bit longer and had some sort of emergency kit to keep them alive long enough, they could have stood a better chance of survival.

It happened to me once when I had my old car which broke down on me. Luckily I was still in the heart of the city and I called the tow trucks to tow my car to my private mechanic shop for repairs. I know that these tow operators will not tow  cars which is broken down or in an accident 250km or more away. In fact, it will be very hard to find some tow truck company who are willing to tow our car from that far of a distance. Really, it can be fun to travel far into the dirt roads away from the city for a refreshing trip, but that also means when trouble comes, you are alone in it.
asked in Swift Current by Keith

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2 Answers

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Everyone should have an emergency survival kit kept inside their car at all times. This could be a matter of life and death for some people when they needed help the most and they are left stranded in the middle of nowhere during a winter storm or during the extreme heat of the summer. There have been a case during the extreme winter, where a couple was left stranded in a rural mountain road side after losing control and falling into a low ditch. That road was very deserted road and barely few cars passed by every hour. It was even harder for anyone to see the couple's car stranded at the bottom of a ditch nearby.

The husband managed to climb out of the car to look for help while the wife stayed inside the car trying to keep warm. They both did not have any sort of emergency kit with them in the car. In fact, both of them were dressed rather lightly as they never thought any tragedy could befall them. The husband walked for many hours and finally though exhausted managed to arrive at a small town. He kept himself warm and begged for help to rescue his stranded wife. Help arrived with some people volunteering to search for his stranded wife. Unfortunately by the time, the search team arrived at the location of the stranded wife, the wife was long dead due to the extreme cold and unpreparedness. So this is a learning lesson for everyone to always have a survival emergency kit in your car. You never know when you would need them. Something is always better than nothing at times of emergency situation.

Some of the items you could keep in your survival emergency kit are as follows:

1. Bring a candle, lighter and candle holder to create for yourself a portable mini Heater to keep you warm.

2. A powerful flashlight to help you make SOS signal to any passing cars for help, or to simply assist you to get around to search for help.

3. Warm Blanket to keep you warm from the cold winter extremes.

4. Extra clothing like warm hats, scarfs, Jackets, pants, tops, socks, underwear.

5. A high capacity power bank charger to charge your phone, so you can call for help.

6. A pen and paper to write down any thing when taking instructions from rescue operation people through the phone.

7. Portable air compressor to pump up your car tire if it goes flat. This is only a temporary solution to flat tire but it should be enough to get you to the nearest town for help.

8. A portable shovel to help you dig out of the snow if you are stuck in snow and ice.

9. A jumper cables or battery charger or battery booster to get your battery back to life when it breaks down.

10. A tire fixer in a "CAN", which when sprayed onto the tire can become hard and plug the leaking hole in the tire. At least you will have temporary solution to fix punctured tire to get you to the closest car mechanics.

11. A portable first aid kit containing band aid, gauge, ointment, alcohol pads and other first aid items.

12. A sleeping bag to sleep in if you know you are going to be stranded for hours before any help arrives.

13. A portable empty plastic gas container to let you fill petrol in it from a nearby gas station, if you run out of gas.

14. Road side flares, cones to place outside around your vehicle so you don't get hit by any passing cars.

15. Spare tire and jack to replace your flat tire.

16. Some Bottled water but remember to use a Thermo-flask bottle to keep the water from freezing.

17. Canned meat food or granola bars to keep you alive until you find help.

18. A portable gas powered stove to warm your canned food.

19. Paper road maps or hand held GPS unit can save your lives by helping you navigate to the nearest town or city.

20. A portable fire extinguisher to extinguish fire if it breaks out.

21. Anti freeze washer liquid for your windshield wiper. Keep an extra windshield wiper as well. You will be surprised how having the ability to change new windshield wiper in the middle of nowhere, keeps your windshield clear of frost and snow. Without it, you can't see where you are going and possibly you could get into further accident.

22. A pair of Umbrella to keep the rain off if you get out of your car for help during a rain or snow storm.

23. A Ice scrapper to scrape off any frozen ice or snow from your car side windows and the windshield.

24. A seat belt cutter or a window breaker if you need to free yourself from an overturned car.

25. A note book with all the phone numbers. This is important because if your phone battery dies and you managed to borrow a phone from a passerby, you know who you want to call by looking at this phone book of yours.
answered by Emergency Kit Survival
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Watch video on "Some of the items in your survival emergency kits could save your life, remember to have them in your car at all times especially when travelling through long distance trip outside of the city":

answered by Road Warriors

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