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What are the risks and dangers of lack of sleep for an otherwise healthy young person? How can we sleep better in our modern fast paced world?

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We must face the fact that most of us young teenagers love to stay awake late into the night and get up late the next day. Of course getting up late only happens during our weekends. During the week, we teenagers love staying up late, we try to get our beauty sleep but our dreams are interrupted abruptly early in the morning, when we have to get up from bed and prepare to go to school.

As you all know, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat keeps us entertained late through the night. Even Netflix have us glued to our tablets and phones and it is not easy letting go of these things for young people like us. We feel we are in the trend just by being in touch with social media. Some of the school kids get shamed and booed just because they didn't have a Facebook account or other social media accounts.

I understand the temptations is too strong to stay awake late into the night everyday but in the morning, I always get up feeling groggy and sleepy. I try to get at least 6 and half hours of sleep everyday. Some days, I try to behave well and go to sleep early, only to lie down in bed with wide awake eyes. I feel like something is not done yet and unless those things are not done, I can't sleep. I dunno if it is something related to psychological problem or bad habits but it is something that needs getting rid of.

What I am worried about is if sleeping for 6 and half hours daily is enough or not. Why is it I still always feel tired and sleepy even though scientist says that a person can survive on 6 and half hours sleep everyday. Since I am a young lady, I could take the stress from sleeping less hours each night. But could a person who is middle aged or going into their 60s be able to cope with the lack of sleep?
asked in Meadow Lake by Michael

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