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What is the difference between Rupall and Blexten medications?

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asked in Quebec by LUCETTE

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1 Answer

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Blexten and Rupall are quite similar in their effectiveness in blocking Histamine released by our body and it varies from person to person when it comes to choices. Blexten may work better for some people while others may find Rupall suits them well. Both these anti histamines medications are new to the market in Canada compared to Reactine and other brands.

There are some difference between Blexten and Rupall which are outlined below:

1. Blexten starts working within one hour of taking the tablet and it last for 24 hours. Rupall starts working within 2 hours and also last for about 24 hours.

2. Blexten does not cause someone to feel drowsy or sleepy unlike Reactine, but it happens with small percentage of users. Rupall has more tendency of making someone feel drowsy and sleepy.

3. Some of the side effects of blexten are abdominal pain, dizziness, headache and sleepiness. Rupall on the other hand has a longer side effects list as diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, nausea, red eyes, tiredness, vomiting, and weakness.

4. Long term use of Blexten does not cause damage to your liver and kidney function. Long term use of Rupall can potential cause damage to your kidney and liver function and you should consult your doctor to periodically check the health of your kidney and liver, if taking Rupall for extended period of time.

5. Blexten does not increase the frequency of you getting cold or flu symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, cough. Whereas Rupall makes you get these cold and flu symptoms often as mentioned above. If such condition exist for you, you should consult your family physician and see of taking Rupall is still a good choice or not. Perhaps changing the medication another brand might stop these symptoms.

6. Blexten do not give you symptoms of muscle pain or weakness. Rupall on the other hand can cause muscle pain such as weakness, muscle cramps, brown urine, and unexplained pains in various parts of your body muscle. Stopping the medication usually alleviate the pain momentarily. Talk to your family physician for an alternate Antihistamine medication if such symptom persist for you.

7. Blexten can be taken by people who are lactose intolerance and glucose intolerance, but Rupall should not be taken by people who are intolerant to lactose and glucose. Taking Rupall when such condition exist for a person can cause serious medical complication that would need medical emergency visit to the hospitals.

As mentioned before, always consult your family physician about which allergy Antihistamine medication to take. Not one of the medication will work the same way for everyone. Everyone's body is different and they all react to the same medication in different ways. You will come to know if your body can accept certain medication only if you try them once.
answered by Antihistamine medication

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