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How to remove car blind spot mirrors from my car's actual side mirrors? The old blind spot mirrors had been applied using permanent glue mounting tape many years ago.

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Many years ago, when I first bought my van, I didn't have much ideas and experience as to which type of blind spot mirror I should get. So I purchased two blind spot mirrors which was about 2 inches in diameter. It was those ones where I can't individually adjust the angle of the blind spot mirrors. At that time, it was easy to apply using the provided strong permanent mounting tape, and the attached blind spot mirrors never fell off for many years. I thought I wanted the smaller blind spot mirrors because it would fit perfectly on to my van's side mirrors.

Now after using that smaller blind spot mirrors for many years, I for some reason wanted to replace them with a much bigger blind spot mirrors. Actually my wife started driving now, and I believe she needs a bigger blind spot mirror to see better while driving on the road. Also I wanted to replace them with new blind spot mirrors which will allow me to individually adjust the angle of the blind spot mirrors. From where I sit in the driver's seat, at times, I find that I needed to adjust only the angle of the blind spot mirror and not the actual side mirror of my van.

I attempted to remove the two old smaller blind spot mirrors from my van's side mirrors and I found it very hard to do so. The old mounting tape had been attached to the side mirror very strongly and even after so many years of enduring the winter and summer months in Canada, I still can't get the old mounting tape off from the van side mirror. I didn't want to yank the old small blind spot mirror too hard, or else I could easily break the Van side mirror. I really ran out of ideas to get the old blind spot mirrors off the van side mirrors. Any help would be appreciated even if it doesn't completely get removed.
asked in La Ronge by Gregory

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1 Answer

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Removing a car's blind spot mirror from the car's actual side mirror can be a difficult task, if you don't know how to remove it properly. But if only you have the knowledge to remove the car's blind spot mirror, then this task will become so easy that you would wonder why you never thought about it before. Since the old blind spot mirror had been stuck pretty hard and tight using a permanent double sided tape, removing it will prove to be difficult.

When I first tried to pry out my old blind spot mirror which I wanted to replace it with 3 inches size blind spot mirror, I almost broke my car's side mirrors. I used my strongest fingers to try yanking the blind spot mirror out, and I felt my fingers hurting much. I wanted to use a flat head screwdriver to use the leverage to remove the old blind spot mirror and I realized that I could be scratching my car's actual side mirrors. So I dropped that idea and was brainstorming an easier way to remove my car's old blind spot mirror.

I searched the internet for answers and solutions, and one idea particularly came to my liking. It was such a simple physics principle that I questioned myself, why I haven't thought about it before. The answer was to use a hair blow dryer to concentrate hot air on the old blind spot mirror. This makes the permanent double sided tape between the old blind spot mirror and the car's side mirror, becomes soft and less sticky. Due to the heat produced by the hot hair dryer, the sticky gum in the double sided tape turns semi liquid allowing the old blind spot mirror to be yanked out, and removed. You may need to use the hot hair blow dryer a bit longer if it is winter time, otherwise if it is summer time, it takes much faster time to remove that old blind spot mirror.

If you are looking for a pair of new 3 inches adjustable blind spot mirror for your car side mirrors, you need to try this model from Amazon.ca. It has all five star ratings and highly recommended. I have it and the clarity and size is just perfect for my Dodge Caravan Minivan. The blind spot mirror sticks extremely well on my car side mirrors and doesn't fall off at all even after car wash. I have had it almost forever and it doesn't crack or break during extreme winter weather too.

answered by Henry

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