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Is it mandatory to vaccinate a child in canada? Can we refuse immunization vaccination for our child if we don't want it for them?

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One day, one of my family friends were discussing about whether kids in Canada should get their immunization vaccination done or not, and I was surprised to find that quite a number of parents in canada, don't do it for their child. This includes my family friends who mentioned that he doesn't believe his kids needs them and he really doesn't want his kids to go through the painful process of injection.

I find this surprising because I always thought all kids have to go through immunization vaccination no matter what. Some of my friends mentioned that some schools can refuse to admit children who aren't properly vaccinated, for fear of some disease outbreak which could affect the health of other kids going to the same school together. Then how come some parents are able to avoid having their kids do the scheduled immunization vaccination? All family Doctors recommends doing the scheduled immunization vaccination for all kids and I have yet to see any doctors which suggest otherwise.

Is it possible that if the school authority finds out that a child is not properly vaccinated, even if already admitted into the school, that the child can be expelled from the school? I personally feel that immunization vaccination saves lives and that every kids should have them, since most vaccinations are covered by the canadian government or by parents' work insurance.
asked in Meadow Lake by Wayne

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