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How to fix an oven stove cooktop element that is not working? Any idea why the hot burner on light is always turned on?

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I have been using my cooking oven and range for many years now and I never had major problems with it. One day I made a big mistake in trying to check why small sparks was coming out of one of the bigger 8 inch cooking element range.

I thought it was the problem with the connector located inside under the cooktop. So I unplugged the cooling element range and tried plugging it into another connector to see if the problem is with the cooking element range or with the connector itself.

"Poof", and another big sparks came this time but with black burned out connector. I could see the connector break into smaller pieces and I could smell burnt material. Luckily the smoke fire alarm didn't go off or else i could have alarmed my family. I quickly turned off the oven knob but now I noticed that the burner light is staying "ON" all the time, even though I had the oven cooktop knob turned to "OFF".

So now, I have got several parts of the cooktop oven range malfunctioning. Instead of simply replacing the oven cooking element, I messed up and ended up with two 8 inch cooking element not working at all. I needed those 8 inch cooking element range to work, so I could do my cooking. The other remaining 6 inch cooktop oven element are too weak to do any serious cooking. Sometimes it takes hours just to cook one dish item using those 6 inch cooktop element.

In short I am looking for an easy and cheap quick fixes for my cooking oven range. I do not wish to spend much money I hiring a repair guy to fix my cooking oven appliances. Anyone who had called a repairman for appliances would know how expensive their fees can be.

Sometimes, their repair fees is even more expensive than the parts, and at times, it is even more sensible to buy a new cooking oven range appliances. In my case I wanna give it a try to repair it on my own to save money. I know I will be spending money on the parts but at least I could save on the labour charge fees.
asked in Nipawin by Laura

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2 Answers

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Repairing an oven cooking range is easy if you know how. It is all about buying the right parts and replacing old ones with the new parts. All it takes is a bit of trial and error and you will be doing as good a job as the actual appliances repair guy.

Cooking oven range element type

When your cooking oven surface range is not working, there could be various reasons as listed below:

1. The conventional surface element located on top of your cooking oven range is not working. You need to buy a new one and replace it. Repairing it is as simple as plugging it out of the element receptacle and plugging back it with a new one. You can find this surface element on top of the cooking oven range and it looks like a coiled metal going round and round design.

Cooking oven surface range element

2. They may be something wrong with your element receptacles. This is the part that connects the above mentioned surface element coil with the switches located behind inside the cooking oven range. Try this as second method because usually the first method of replacing the cooking element coil solves the problem.

Cooking range element receptacles

Trying to unplug this element receptacles requires you to unscrew the back panel of your cooking oven range. You will find this element receptacles connected to the switches at the back of the cooking oven range.

3. The third method is identifying the exact switches which is malfunctioning and replacing it. This method will also solve the problem of "Light burner always on" indicator light. Again to access this part, you need to remove the back panel of the oven range by unscrewing the screws behind. Please ensure that your cooking oven range is already unplugged before working on the back of your oven range.

This switch is quite expensive going for $80, upto $150 depending on whether you buy the original or Universal parts. You also need to know the exact model of your oven range top in order to find the correct compatible switches. To find your exact model number of your cooking oven range, pull out the front bottom storage area of your cooking oven range and you shall see it located on the corner.

Cooking range element switches

If you are living close to any appliances repair parts store, you can easily find the model parts, you are looking for. But if you live somewhere in the rural parts of Canada, then ordering online at Amazon.ca or eBay.ca will be the only choice. Just do a search on Amazon.ca or eBay.ca for your cooking oven range parts models.

answered by Felix
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Watch video on "How you can easily replace the malfunctioning parts of your cooking oven range and make it work again like new, without calling the appliance repair guys":

answered by Sylvester

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