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How do I fix my samsung clothes washer error codes showing as "SUD" during "Normal settings" wash cycle, and "SC" during "Rinse and Spin settings" wash cycle?

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I had my Samsung clothes washer for about a year now and everything was working fine until now. It all started when one day I found my Samsung clothes washer, taking a very long time to complete a "Normal Settings" wash cycle. To be exact, it took about three hours and still the wash cycle wasn't done.

I took a look at the digital screen display on the face of the Samsung Clothes Washer and discovered the "SUD" error code showing on it. I did a search on the internet to find a solution for it but none of it gave me a satisfying answer. At Samsung website it says the "SUD" error on the Samsung washing machine was caused by too much detergent or Non-HE detergent. Non-HE detergent simply means not high efficiency detergent, which usually is the case with cheaper laundry detergents.

My Laundry detergents bottle says HE (High efficient) compatible with most washing machine. Initially I thought I must have put too much laundry detergent to cause the "SUD" error code. But then I reduced my laundry detergent to less than the "MAX" line and still the error code wouldn't go away.

So out of desperation, I switched the wash cycle to only "Rinse and Spin". The wash cycle now shows 16 minutes to complete. To my surprise this wash cycle took more than half hour and the wash cycle wouldn't complete. Instead another error code was showing "SC" on the display. To my dismay, I just turned off the Samsung Clothes Washer and took my semi wet clothes to hang dry anyways. Anyone has any idea or experience what might be the reason for such strange error codes?
asked in Prince Albert by Tyler

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1 Answer

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Trying to find out the primary reason for the error codes appearing on your Samsung front load clothes washer can be quite daunting and worrisome. It is all a matter of trial and error to figure out the actual cause of the error codes. Although Samsung does post up various error codes for their clothes washer in their website, and possible solutions to fix the error codes, I have found in my personal experience they may not always be true. It could be something closely related to the actual problems and solutions. 

Some of the things you could do about your Samsung front load washer are as follow:

1. If you are getting the "SUD" error code, according to Samsung's website, it means that either you must be using a lot of laundry detergents or you are using the ones which is not HE compliant. In other words, you could be using some cheap laundry detergent which is causing a lot of SUD (Bubbles) in your washing machine. 

The Clothes Washer detects too much of SUD and tries to reduce the amount of SUD by sending in more water and draining out the water. This may take 2 more hours added to your normal wash cycle time. So you may experience longer than usual washing time. 

From my personal experience, I used to love putting lots of laundry detergent, well over the "MAX" line in the Samsung washer detergent compartment. But when this error code started to appear, I checked out the Samsung website and reduced the amount of laundry detergent below the "MAX" line. Even though I did that, I still continued getting the same error code "SUD". That is why I say, not all solutions mentioned by Samsung website will work for all error codes. There could be more underlying problem closely related to the actual problem. 

Washer detergent compartment

2. The "SC" error code appearing on your Samsung front load clothes washer, could mean that your washing machine is not draining properly. Some of the places to check are the actual drain hose connecting to your house drain. Something could have gotten stuck in your drain hose. 

Drain hose pipe

Your drain motor pump could be malfunctioning which is why the water is not getting drained properly. 

Washer drain pump

Now, this one below is the most probably cause. There are dirt and stuff stuck in your Washer's drain filter. In my case, there was a Loonie coin stuck inside this drain filter. By removing all the debris and dirt from this drain filter compartment, your washing machine will begin to run normally. For me, when I removed these coin and stuff stuck inside my washer's drain filter, even the "SUD" and "SC" error codes disappeared. I tested and retested after that and no more error codes again. 

Washer drain filter

The drain filter are usually located in front and near the bottom of the clothes washer. You just need to pop open the lid with a screwdriver or something thin, and you will see a black rubber pipe with a plastic knob on the side. 

In order to drain the water out manually yourself, you can simply unscrew the white tip of the black pipe, and collect the flowing water into a shallow bucket. Once all the water is completely out, you will then turn the white big knob anti clockwise, which is located beside the black pipe. Here you will find all sort of dirt and debris coming out from your clothes stuck here. Take the drain filter out and wash it every 3 months or so. Look for any big hard debris stuck inside that may be causing the blockage. Once you are done with your cleaning. You can screw back the drain filter and replug the black pipe with the plastic tip. 

answered by Sammy

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