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Will smoking cigarettes causes a person to get lung cancer or lung problems?

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I have noticed that most Cigarettes packet has a warning label that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer and other lung problems, but I knew some people who lived to their 90s and still smoke cigarettes and they are well alive and kicking. On the other hand, there was a young guy who passed away in his thirties and he was a smoker but not a heavy chain smoker. Does it matter if family genes play a role in whether a person gets lung cancer from smoking or not?


asked in Williams Lake by Taylor Roberts (158 points)

1 Answer

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Yes smoking increases your chances of dying of cancer because cigarettes contains harmful ingredients that through long term inhalation destroys your lung cells and disrupts the normal functioning of your lungs. The cells in your body has a certain natural pattern to function and what cigarettes does is to create chaos in these natural pattern of functions. Once some of the cells becomes defective, this defective cells keeps dividing itself and spreads throughout your body rapidly. In not time, all the organs in your body will have these defective cancer cells and the organs will stop working once it becomes overwhelming for them to function normally. I also have known people who died at the age of thirty because of poor choice of habits in smoking cigarettes.
answered by Henry Cooley (143 points)

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