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Which video game console is better for kids to play, Xbox or Playstation?

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I am looking to buy a video game console for my kids to play video games but I like to know which game console is better - Xbox or PlayStation. They are both around the same price with slight difference. I like the one which has better graphic and performs faster. I read that some game consoles would play DVD disc and we could watch movies on it. That would be a cool thing as we adults could also watch movies on the game consoles when the kids aren't playing games on it. These days the game console had improved so much compared to the times when we were kids and what type of game console we used to play.

During our times, most of the games were 2D and there was nothing like 3D as we have today. We had to use the flat long cassette type to insert into the console and play games which were mostly black and white. Once the color games got released, we were so excited about it. Then came the CDs and now I heard a lot of the games could be streamed or downloaded.

Xbox Playstation

asked in Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland by Richard Powell (168 points)

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1 Answer

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Both the video games console are similar in performance and quality but I personally feel that PlayStation stands out more. PlayStation seem to have more better graphic and faster performances though I like to the Xbox for the choice of games they have. Both of them do play DVDs too and some games can be streamed or downloaded to be played later. It is pretty hard to decide which one is better. After all it all comes to personal preference. Some people will like one thing and the other people will like the other things. I suggest that you go and try it out at the retail store such as bestbuy. Bestbuy usually have the video games console displayed for people to try it out before buying it.
answered by Henry Cooley (148 points)

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