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How do I apply for a new credit card for the first time, I am a newcomer to Canada and I do not have any work history or credit history?

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I am a newcomer to Canada and there are still a lot of things that I need to learn and do. One of the things I was told, is to get myself a credit card and start building a good credit score. As I learned from others that a lot of things will depend on a good credit score in my future. I am eager to get myself a good credit card perhaps with some kind of rewards points.

I haven't started working yet since I couldn't find a job. Will the banks give me a new credit card even though I don't have a job currently. I mean I haven't open a bank account yet, but I will open a bank account very soon.

From what I know, other developing countries don't run much on credit cards for the people. Most things are bought and sold using paper cash, and people aren't taxed correctly there, because there tend to be a lot of undetected and unreported cash transaction, amongst the people.
asked in Swift Current by Surej

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