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How do I know if my toilet tank is leaking water into the toilet bowl? Will I be able to fix the water leak by myself, just by buying some toilet plumbing parts and replacing them for cheap?

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When I bought my first house, I noticed that the toilet bowl design in my washroom was quite outdated. I didn't give much thought about it, as I felt that as long as it was working fine, I didn't need to worry about it. One day, I somehow discovered some water leaking from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl, continuously even after flushing has stopped.

It was not noticeable until I looked closely. The water was leaking in such a way that only a closer look can tell it was leaking. There was no loud water dripping noise or tapping noise. That was quite a considerable amount of water loss 24 hours a day for 365 days. No wonder my water bill was quite pricey even though we only have 3 family members in our household which includes myself.

Now the question comes about, which part of the toilet flush system is faulty. Whether it is the toilet bowl, toilet tank, or just some of the inner toilet parts inside the toilet tank, I have yet to determine. I don't have prior knowledge of plumbing issues and trying to identify the exact source of leak problem is quite challenging for an amateur like me. I know I want to try fixing this toilet leak problem myself, so I can learn something out of this plumbing problem and at the same time, I could save money too. I am sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this type of toilet leak problem. Right?
asked in Saskatoon by Tammy

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