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I have just pumped a few litres of Diesel on my Petrol/Gas engine car accidentally and I don't know what I should do now. Should I continue running my car to get rid of the diesel in my car's gas tank?

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Lately I have been quite absent minded and I have done things unintentionally. My mind is wandering away these days and I find it hard to concentrate on the task on hand. It has mostly to do with my work life and personal life, or perhaps it is in my nature to be clumsy and do things the wrong way.

Today, I went to a gas station with an intention to fill petrol/gas for my sedan car. For whatever reason, I was so clumsy and absent minded that I pulled out the hand pump from the diesel station and started pumping into my car gas tank. My car will only accept petrol/gas in its tank as I know it. Luckily for me, I supposed I only pumped about 1 or 2 litres of Diesel into my car's gas tank before I realized my mistake.

Immediately I pulled out the diesel hand pump and started using the petrol hand pump to fill gas instead. I hope my car will be running fine since I only put in a few litres of Diesel into my car gas tank and the rest of the car gas tank was filled with petrol/gas. Hopefully the diesel will run it's course in the car mechanical system and gets flushed out completely, in the course of time. I am keeping my finger crossed, hoping that no damage will be done to my car engine. I am not looking forward to paying my mechanic to repair any damaged car parts, if it is due to the presence of Diesel in my car mechanical system.
asked in St. John's by Eugene

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2 Answers

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Everyone makes mistake once in a while, and filling diesel in your car gas tank is just one of those moments, you can't avoid. Although the hand pump of the diesel in a gas station is designed to be slightly bigger to avoid mistakes by users, you can still be able to fill diesel in your car gas tank.

Depending on how much diesel you had already pumped into your car gas tank, there are only a few options available to you:

1. If you caught your mistake early on, and you only filled a few litres of diesel Into your car gas tank, you could fill the rest of the gas tank with gas/petrol. I have done the same mistake in the past, and I continued filling my car gas tank with petrol afterwards. Then i started my car and there was no problem at all. The diesel will flush itself out during the course of time. This is only possible if the amount of diesel you filled in is very less.

2. If you happen to actually fill the entire gas tank of your car with diesel, then you need to be cautious and not run your car at all. Doing so will allow the diesel to run into your car engine, fuel system, injectors, filters, and spark plugs. This will damage those car parts and cost you lots for repairs.

Instead call a towing company and have your car towed to your car mechanic if you can. Otherwise have it towed to your home, use a siphon pump and remove all the diesel till there are nothing left. Now, refill the car gas tank with gas/petrol and run your car now. You will notice great difficulty in starting your car and you may smell weird stuff coming out of your car exhaust. That is just the diesel being removed completely from the system.
answered by Zayn
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Watch YouTube videos on "How to siphon diesel or petrol gas from your car fuel tank using a special pump, if ever you made a mistake of putting diesel in petrol car or petrol in diesel car":

answered by Johnson

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