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What is the best thing to use to clean a sticky laptop screen?

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One of my family member had stuck some chewing gum onto my laptop screen and now it had become very hard and dried up. I tried using tissue paper to wipe it but I guess I must have waited too long to wipe it. Now the gum had turned hard and cleaning with tissue paper isn't helping much. I used wet paper towel to try removing the gum but no luck yet. Using my fingers to peel off the gum had removed some of it from the laptop screen but the actual sticky part is still attached.

Chewing Gum

asked in Calgary by Mumtaz Fadil (180 points)

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1 Answer

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You should use Goo Gone liquid to remove those sticky residue on your laptop screen. After using that, you will need a wet alcohol tissue paper to wipe your screen. Then use a dry screen cleaning cloth to wipe dry. Your laptop screen will look as good as new. Other things that this Goo Gone can remove are adhesive, candle wax, crayon, dry paint, glue, grease, gum, lipstick, oil, marker, scuff marks, silicon caulks, stickers, tape residue, tar, tree sap.

Goo Gone

answered by George Toby (156 points)

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