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How can I unlock my Alcatel if my Son did a Factory reset and I don't know the pin

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asked in Manitoba by Cher

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1 Answer

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Usually if you have done a factory reset on your Alcatel phone, it wouldn't ask you for the pin after you have started your phone again. But in case if it does ask you for the PIN, there is a way to bypass the PIN as mentioned below:

(Please note that all the personal datas on your phone will be erased when doing this method)

1. Power down your Alcatel phone first by holding your "POWER" button for a few seconds.

2.Once the power is "OFF" on your phone, you should simultaneously press hold the "POWER" button and the "UP" volume button together. Hold the two buttons for a few seconds until the phone screen starts showing a list of menu options.

3. From the menu options, choose "Wipe Data/Factory Reset". In order to move around the screen menu options, you can use the "UP" or "DOWN" volume button to move up or down a particular menu option and then, use the "POWER" button to select that menu option.

4.  Select  "Yes. delete all user data".

5. Allow the phone to complete the process of factory reset and your phone will reboot once it is done.

6. You will now have to setup your phone like as if it was a new phone.
answered by Willie

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