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Is it necessary to buy extended warranty for cooking range oven from home depot or lowes? Will the money I spend on extended warranty be worth it, if I extended the warranty to 5 years?

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My old cooking range oven went bad and started to malfunction. The oven function was not working properly and it spoilt my entire tray of chicken which I wanted to roast for my house party. Actually it wasn't able to cook and roast my chicken properly even after putting in the oven for about 40 minutes which is really long time to be inside the oven.

I had a big tray of chicken and initially it looked done properly. But when one of my guest bite into the chicken, the inside was kinda still raw and uncooked. It made me look bad with my cooking when in actual fact, the culprit was my old oven cooking range. I believe that only the upper portion of my cooking oven range coil was turning on, and the below coil was not turning on. The heat wasn't strong enough too and I thought it should be okay in spite of lesser heat. I was wrong and the chicken didn't turn out cooked properly.

The top heating element coil for cooking 8 inches in size, had to replaced at least once in 2 years. For some strange reason, the cooking element coil keeps getting bad quite often in few years time. Also, the time for controlling the bottom large oven wasn't working either. I had to use a manual small timer of my own to keep time for cooking anything in the bottom oven.

I went shopping at home depot and lowes for a brand new cooking oven range and found one that I really liked. It had all the features I wanted and it wasn't too expensive. When the sales man asked me if I would like to get an extended warranty on it, I became confused and couldn't make a decision. The company manufacturer were only giving one year warranty and after that I will be pretty much on my own if the cooking oven range breaks down.

If I buy the extended warranty, it will give me 4 years of worry free service warranty, in case of any kind of break down. So total it would be 1 year of manufacturer warranty, and 4 years of home depot service warranty. The cost of buying the extended warranty was about 25% of the purchase price of the cooking oven range.

I had asked some of my relatives about this extended warranty offer, and some say they didn't have to ever buy it and their appliances worked perfectly for many years. Others mentioned that they were lucky they bought the extended warranty because it broke down in about 2 years after the manufacturer warranty was over.
asked in New Glasgow by Ethan

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1 Answer

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It is always a good practise to buy extended warranty for high prices home appliances such as electric cooking oven range, washing machine, clothes drying machine, fridge, dishwasher, furnace, hot water tank. People would say you won't really be using the warranty anyways, because these home appliances are manufactured according to high standards and has a very slim chance of breaking down. But based on my own experience, I was always glad I had bought the extended warranty on all of my home appliances I ever bought.

Recently I bought a new Frigidaire cooking oven range and also included the extended 4 years warranty on top of the 1 year manufacturer warranty. I knew that up front, the cost you pay for extended warranty might seem quite high about 25% of the actual price of the home appliances. In fact, if you look at the repair cost you could incurred on your own, if you never had the extended warranty, buying extended warranty will start to make sense after all.

During the first year of use, I found that my heating element coil was frequently turning off by itself when it gets hot and it wouldn't turn on for sometime. Then after few minutes it would turn back on. This cycle of turning on and off made me really impatient as it was taking me more than an hour just to cook two meals. I used to be able to be down withing half an hour with my very old cooking range oven.

So I called the Frigidaire company and since it was still under the 1 year manufacturer warranty, they send someone to check out the problem. It turned out that this was the new feature of most new cooking oven range heating element top. The feature was introduced to prevent any people unintentionally leaving the cooking element turned on for a very long time. I hated this new feature as it was delaying my cooking time with this automatic on and off feature.

The repairman unfortunately said he couldn't do anything about this problem. Then i had to stick with this frustrating feature for quite some time. On my second year of using the same cooking range oven, the top cooking element actually caught on a small fire and that burned out the wires and the heating element. Even the bottom portion of the round element underneath was burnt quite black.

So now, I couldn't call the Frigidaire company for warranty because it was past the one year period for the manufacturer warranty. Luckily I had bought the 4 years extended warranty and now I could use this warranty. Home depot had some contract with another appliances repair company and they send out a repairman to my place.

The repairman did a great job in fixing the problem and he helped me install a new heating element on the top of the cooking oven range. This new heating element was so much better than the original one and it doesn't turn on and off all the time. He didn't charge a penny after the repair service since my appliance was under extended warranty. Just for my knowledge sake, I asked him how much would the bill have come up to approximately. He told me that it was a bill for about $400 for his service rendered.

Doing repairs on home appliances is a costly thing and the repairman usually charges upward of $200 for each visit and successfully repairing your machine. This is not including the cost of the parts that he will have to get to repair your home appliances. $200 is usually just the labour cost of them visiting your home and doing the repairs. So, paying $300 or even $400 for extended warranty is totally worth every penny.

5 years is a very long time for a home appliances not to break down at all. Somehow or the other something will break down in the parts of your appliances during the long course of 5 years. I had my Samsung washer stopped draining and showing some strange error message, and luckily I had the extended warranty I bought on it which I used to call for repairs. My 1 year warranty with the manufacturer was just over and in the past, I also used the manufacturer warranty once when I could hear a very loud drum rolling noise with my washing machine.

My uncle once boasted that he didn't need any extended warranty on his samsung washer machine. Then one day his washer machine started acting weird and malfunctioning, but he was lucky that Samsung did a recall on his model of clothes washer machine, and Samsung actually replaced his machine with a brand new one. I would say he was taking a chance too big to play with, in case if really his washer machine breaks down, he would need to hire a repairman which will cost him more than the cost he would have paid for the extended warranty.
answered by Antoinette

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