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Where is the website to register for online paperless billing?

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asked in Red Deer by anonymous

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1 Answer

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If you are looking for online paperless billing for most of your bills, then Epost is the best service you can get in Canada for Free. It is a service offered by Canada post and basically it works the same way as physical mail. The only difference is that your mails are now deliver online electronically when you log into your Epost account. If you haven't sign up with Epost, you can do so here at Epost.ca

Epost are also integrated with some of the major banks like TD Bank, BMO, CIBC, RBC and other banks. What this means is that there will be link option to view "Epost Bills" in your bank online account. You simply have to click there and you will be taken to Epost directly from your bank online. Remember you need to setup your Epost account first when you are integrating your Epost account with your regular Bank account.

What makes Epost unique is it organise all your monthly bills and statement from your credit card company, bank statement, employers, utility company, insurance company, and other financial institution. Your information are fully encrypted with advanced technology and you don't have to worry about loss of information to hackers. This means you can pay your phone bills, utility bills, gas bills, credit card bills, you can also receive pay stubs from your employer.

Some of the names of companies who can issue statement through Epost are American Express, Above Canada Inc, Bestbuy Credit card, BMO MasterCard, property tax bill for various cities, Toronto Utility Bills, leon's credit card, reliance home comfort, Rona credit card, staples credit card,

Please note that the statement you received from various mailers are stored in the Epost servers for about 7 years after which it will be deleted. Epost is truly canadian operated company and it has its server located in Canada itself.

If you need help to use Epost or want to know more about its services provided, then check out it's FAQ section.

answered by Romeo

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