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How do I purchase a used car from a private seller and have the car ownership transferred to my name after the transaction? How safe is it to buy a used car from a private seller compared to purchasing from a used car dealer?

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Buying a brand new car of course would be a good choice for anyone, but for me, I can't afford to spend that much money on Cars. I would rather buy a used car, even if it meant having to spend more on repairs and maintenance. Some people suggested buying from someone I know like a relative but none of them are selling their car for now and I needed to buy one now.

I have heard about the danger of buying used car from strangers since we don't know anything about the history of the car. Someone told me a story about how one guy purchased a used Mercedes Benz car and he was pleased with it at first. But then later, he started to get this strange bad odour coming from somewhere in his Mercedes Benz car. He went to the full detail car wash place and had his entire interior of his car washed completely. Even then, that same smell and odour was coming mysteriously from somewhere.

Finally someone suggested to call up the private seller and ask him what the smell was and where was it coming from. It turned out that the seller's father had passed away in that same car for several days before being found. That was the reason why the strange bad odour was still coming from inside the car. So the guy after hearing this, he got rid of the car by junking it.

The same danger is for the seller as well. It happened in the news where a private seller was offering his pickup truck for sale. Two men showed up at his place interested to buy the pickup truck. Those two men wanted to test drive before buying, so the seller went with them too. Somewhere in the middle of some dirt road, that two men, shot and killed the seller, then drive away with the pickup truck.

This is why I like to know the safest and the best way to buy a decent used car. The world isn't safe anymore and precautions needs to be taken when it comes to buying and selling privately.
asked in Truro by Glenn

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