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How to download youtube videos into my computer and burn it onto a DVD?

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Watching YouTube videos is fun and interesting but most times, it takes a lot of data to continuously stream videos. I do not have unlimited data cable plans for my home Wi-Fi. I like to download the videos and burn them onto a DVD. This way I can play the videos in my DVD without the need to stream the videos online and not wasting precious monthly internet data allowance. This is only for personal consumption and not for any other purpose as I know it is illegal to use it for commercial purpose.


asked in Grande Prairie by Leo Sheppard (184 points)

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1 Answer

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It is quite simple to download videos from YouTube and use it for personal use only. You are not allowed to sell any videos on DVD due to copyright violation rules but for personal consumption it is fine.

The following are the steps:

(1) Open YouTube website and search for the videos you want to download. Copy the address link of the YouTube videos you want to download. (Left click on the address bar of the window and then right click to bring out the menu, choose "Copy" from the menu)

(2) Go to http://keepvid.com/.

(3) Right click on the box beside download and paste your YouTube video link. Click "Download".

(4) Now a list of available videos will be displayed in various format. Choose the "Download MP4" - 480p, or "Download MP4" - 720p only. Do not choose other ones because they either contains only video with no sound or audio with no video.

(5) If you haven't downloaded the free DVD burner software, you can download it here, "Express Burn Free". (No virus and no malicious adware on http://download.cnet.com)

(6) Now using the Express Burn Free software you can burn those downloaded software onto a blank DVD.

answered by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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