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Which toilet paper is the strongest and the cheapest to buy in Canada?

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I have used Royal, Cashmere and other toilet paper but they weren't as good as I expected. Royal toilet paper gives out small white flying paper particles when tearing at the toilet roll. The small paper particles looks like powder and it litters the table. Cashmere are usually on sale but they are quite thin in quality and it quickly tears while using it. Cashmere also gives out some white particles residue when tearing at the roll. Charmin is pretty good but they are expensive and is not something that can be used for long term due to its expensive prices. The other lesser known brands I haven't tried it out yet because I know they wouldn't be worth it even if it is cheaper than the rest.

Toilet Paper

asked in Grande Prairie by Leo Sheppard (185 points)

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So far, personally I find that Cottonelle toilet paper is the cheapest and the strongest to use. Remember to buy them on sale only because when they are not on sale, they cost about $18.99 for double roll consisting of 24 rolls. On sale, they cost about $9.98 in Walmart and other stores. Walmart has the most competitive prices amongst the other retail stores for Cottonelle toilet paper.

Cottonelle toilet paper has two kind of product:

(1) Blue plastic bag which says "Clean Care with clean ripple". (Caution: This roll is only 1 ply so its thinner and tears more easier than the next one mentioned below. This blue plastic bag ones though have more sheets available to use)

Cottonelle Clean Care

(2) Purple plastic bag which says "Ultra comfort". (Caution: This is 2 ply and so it is thicker than the one mentioned above and is the preferred one. This purple plastic bag ones have lesser sheets available to use)

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort

answered by Anthony Miller (160 points)

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