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How do I submit an "Enbridge Gas Meter reading" online? Where will I find my Enbridge gas meter, so I can take the reading?

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I have lived in my current house for about 4 years now, and never before had I been told to submit my Enbridge Gas meter reading. But for some strange reason, I received an email from Enbridge gas company asking me to do them a favour and submit my own gas meter reading.

I remember seeing some employees usually checking my natural gas meter on alternative months. Lately I haven't seen any of the Enbridge gas employees at all. It must be due to the covid19 virus problem that the Enbridge gas employees aren't showing up to check our natural gas meter. Sometimes I even get a call from the Enbridge gas employees telling me to submit my own gas meter reading.

This seems strange but why all of a sudden, they want me to submit my own gas meter reading. I understand that the location of my natural gas meter is situated at a very tight spot beside the narrow laneway of my house. A big person will find it hard to navigate onto the natural gas meter location. I am a smaller person in size and even then I have to go in sideways into the narrow laneway beside my house. I wish they didn't built the natural gas meter so deep behind the wall laneway. Somewhere close to the outside area will be a better place to built the natural gas meter.

I was thinking of calling Enbridge gas company and complaining about making me submit a reading for them, when their own employees wouldn't do it. I would only do them a favour during the summer months and try to submit my natural gas meter reading. But come winter months, I would stop sound them a favour because it would be very difficult to squeeze into that narrow laneway with all the ice and snow on the ground.

I find that their practise of gas meter reading by employees is so not standard. They only make readings on alternate months and not every months. The other months, they simply use an estimate number for my natural gas bills. Sometimes they skip the gas meter reading for two months in a row, and then when they actually make a gas meter reading, my gas bills comes up so high.
asked in Cambridge by Wilma
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2 Answers

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Firstly, in order to take your Enbridge natural gas meter reading, you have to locate the actual gas meter. It looks like this in the picture below and it has numbers on its front face. Most gas meter looks similar but some may differ slightly in design. In any case, you can easily recognise the natural gas meter when you see one.

The natural gas meter are usually located on the side of your houses wall in the exterior, and I have seen houses, where their natural gas meter was located in their backyard. It is usually located in an area, where it can be accessed by the natural gas employees, who comes and check your natural gas consumption reading. If your natural gas meter happened to be located in your backyard, then you may be asked to submit your own natural gas consumption reading.

Sometimes when your natural gas meter is located at a very hard to access area where spaces are tight, again you could be asked to submit your own gas reading. If you don't submit your natural gas reading on your own, the gas company would make an estimate of how much gas a typical household size of yours will use, and charge you accordingly to that assumption.

In other words, you won't be charged according to the actual gas meter reading because no actual gas meter reading was done by you or their employees. The natural gas company usually do an estimate for one month and the next month will be an actual gas meter reading. To make it easier to understand, you need to know that the gas company makes an actual gas meter reading on alternate months only and not every month.

Now if you want to submit your own gas meter reading, you can do so online. For that, you need to register an account with Enbridge gas online. Go to this Enbridge gas registration, where you can type in your account number (found on your paper monthly bill), postal code and email to register.

After your registration is complete, simply login into your newly created Enbridge gas account:

1. Click on the top left corner "Triple horizontal bar" icon.

2. Click on "My Gas Meter".

3. Click on "Submit Meter Reading".

4. Under the "Current Meter Reading" box, type in your actual gas meter reading you had taken yourself.

5. Click on "Submit".

You are done submitting now.

When you receive your bill next time, it will show the exact gas meter reading you submitted, and you will be charged according to the gas meter reading you took yourself.

One thing you have to be cautious though, is that you need to know when your billing cycle is about to end each month. This is important because you only want to submit your natural gas meter reading towards the end of the billing cycle. If you submit it too early in your billing cycle, it will be hard to calculate the correct actual charges for your natural gas consumption.

As an example, if your billing cycle starts on 3rd of July and ends 2nd of August, then it makes sense to submit your natural gas meter reading, by 30th July. This gives two days for the natural gas company to process your submitted gas reading, so that your gas consumption charges reflects properly on your natural gas bill.

answered by Rodney
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Yes I can do that
answered by Calvin Killoran

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