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Is it safe to drink tap water in Canada?

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Environmentalist had campaigned in the past to ban bottled mineral water in many places in Canada due to the huge amount of plastic that ends up in our garbage dump fills each year. But is it safe to instead start drinking tap water? How safe is our tap water? There were reports of medicine drug showing up in our tap water and all sorts of other crazy things. Besides, tap water in Canada taste like drinking bleach water or water from a swimming pool. What can be done to encourage people to drink tap water safely?

tap water

asked in Grande Prairie by Leo Sheppard (184 points)

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1 Answer

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It is not safe to directly drink from any tap water in Canada because it contains chlorine, Copper, Mercury and Cadmium. These elements are harmful for your body if taken in for long term. Chlorine harms your liver, kidney, and increases hair loss. Tap water taken directly from the tap taste awful and you would feel like you are drinking chlorine water. If you do not use water filter to trap these elements, your body will have consumed them and in a few years time, you would wonder why you are falling sick and weak without any reason.

(1) You need to boil the tap water first and turn on the exhaust fan to draw out the chlorine evaporating from the water. In Canada, tap water contains high amount of chlorine which is used to kill bacteria and other diseases in the tap water.

Boiling Water

(2) By using Brita filter jug, you can safely remove these above mentioned elements and have a great tasting water. I am not a seller for Brita filter nor am I in any way associated with Brita company but I highly recommend their products. Their filter efficiently removes chlorine, copper, Mercury, Cadmium and other impurities present in the water. Remember to wait till the water cools down after boiling, and then pour the water into the Brita Jug.

Brita Ultramax Jug

Brita Filter

answered by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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