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Which TV service provider Rogers or Bell Fibe TV is better and cheaper?

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I am looking to signup for a new TV cable services since I recently moved to my new place. I never had a TV cable before because I didn't find a good reason to waste money every month but my kids wants me to have the TV cable setup.
asked in Calgary by Mumtaz Fadil (180 points)

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1 Answer

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Rogers will be Cheaper if you negotiate a deal with their customer representative. Also if you signup for other services such as Internet, Home phone, Wireless connection with Rogers, they would offer you bundle discounts up to 15% off. Once I called up Bell and asked them if they could offer me a better deal since I was with Rogers and was looking to switch. The customer service reps replied saying that they can't beat the price Rogers is offering and that Bell's combined three services would come up to more than what I was paying with Rogers.
answered by Chan Yin (168 points)

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