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How do I get a brand new original samsung phones for 10% discount or more? I would prefer to purchase them online rather than through a retail store.

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I have always wanted a brand new phone as opposed to buying used phones. The problem with most used phones is that there are hidden defects or damage that previous phone owner won't tell you. The very reason they want to sell their phone is because there must be something wrong with it, to make them want to sell in the first place. Of course, if their phone were still in good condition, who in their right mind would choose to sell their phone?

I will tell you a story of one of my friend who dropped his phone into a shallow lake water. He then managed to take his phone out of the water, dried it with raw rice method, and had it sold for a decent price, in spite of him knowing it is wrong to sell something bad to someone. This sort of thing spooks me now, knowing that such things happens all the time.

There are other reason why people would sell their used phones. Maybe they just bought a newer phone and didn't quite like the older model. Some people also enters into a 2 year contract with phone carrier company like Rogers, bell, Telus, wind mobile and they received a brand new phone for discounted price. Now, since they still do love their older phones, they would want to sell their brand new received mobile phone for a handsome profit.

I should say buying a used phones is just like buying used cars. It very much depends on good luck too sometimes. The only difference is that if the used phones turned out to be bad, it is not as expensive as buying used cars.

This is precisely why I want to buy a brand new original Samsung phone for a good discount price. I don't quite trust used phones and I stay away from imitation cheap phones from China. Once I made a mistake of buying an imitation iPhone first edition from some Chinese websites and I lost money on it because the imitation mobile phone was seriously useless and can't do anything besides making calls. Even then, the calls were not crystal clear and lacks any clarity.
asked in Nipawin by Jimmy

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1 Answer

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There are several ways to buy your new mobile phone without paying for a full price. You could check out eBay and be on the lookout for someone who is selling their new phone for discount. One of the reason they could be selling their new phone would be that they got it for a big discount, from their phone carrier, probably by signing up for two years contract phone plans.

However, you should be very cautious as there are sellers on eBay or Amazon, who are dishonest and they could be sending you brick phones which doesn't work. They also usually do not have a return policy which can get you stuck out of thousand of dollars. 

If a deal is too good to be true for a new phone from a particular seller, then that should be a red flag for you to do further investigation before deciding on buying from that seller. Look at their reviews section and find out, if there were other people who might have given bad ratings reviews, after experiencing a bad transaction. Most people would be compelled to give a bad ratings reviews if they had been duped by that seller. 

There are honest retail stores who does sell discounted new phones. They typically buy new phones in bulk from distributor located outside Canada like Europe, China or India, and sell for a profit here in Canada. 

Although the retail stores could be a honest seller, there are rare cases where their new phones doesn't work in Canada, with some phone carrier company network, such as wind mobile, Chart, or Koodo as examples. The simple reason being that their phones were manufactured for sale in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East or Africa region. 

You must have been aware that most phone manufacturer such as Samsung, Apple, LG makes slightly different model for regions around the world. This is so that their phones would work with the various phone networks present in various countries of the world. But if you buy a new phone from one country and use it in other country, there could be a chance your phone might not work. It is because maybe your home country phone network doesn't yet have the same frequency band that your new phones works on.

It happened to me in the past, when I visited China the first time and found a good deal with a brand new Xiaomi Phone with 4g capability. So I bought the Xiaomi phone and came back to Canada. I was disappointed to find that none of the phone company carrier network could support my phone data because the frequency band of my new Xiaomi phone wouldn't match with Canada's phone carrier network. I was able to make voice call and receive voice call but I couldn't use my phone data somehow.

The best way to get a brand new Samsung phone for me personally, would be to join Perkopolis.com . I am not affiliated with the website nor would I earn any commission from them. I am speaking from my honest experience with Perkopolis.com in buying my new Samsung galaxy phone.

I logged into the website and searched for Samsung deals. When I clicked on the Samsung deals, it took me to the actual Samsung website. Then whichever phone I picked, they all came with a 10% discount upon checkout. I compared the prices with original price from other places online and discovered that indeed my Samsung phone could be bought on 10% discount. 

How this works is that you need to go through the Perkopolis.com website, then click on Samsung deals which will take you to the Samsung website and finally you can purchase the phone at Samsung website. Perkopolis company gets a commission for bringing customer to Samsung website and we customers gets 10% discount, which works out perfect for all parties involved. 

answered by Churchill

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