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help for a obese female.

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i am in a wheelchair, obese and have very bad knees is there any help for me also i am a 61 year old female
asked in Kelowna by pat mcneill

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1 Answer

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It is very obvious that you are in a dire situation and you feel that you need help. Anybody in your circumstances would feel the same way too and there is a sense of hopeless and a feeling of loss of confidence in everything you do. This is very natural for anyone who happens to end up the way they don't want to be.

Fear not because all these problems could be remedied just by changing a little in the way you think and feel. It is all about changing your view or perspective about certain things or condition. Happiness comes when you allow it to come in to your life. Satisfaction comes when you accept things the way they are and not try to change them, but rather being proud of what our Creator has given us.

Here are some of the suggestions I believe, will help you combat your problems and successfully come out as a changed person:

1. You are in a wheelchair and you feel bad about it. Think about it this way, there are other people who are in a worser condition, like being in a coma in a hospital. Perhaps some people are paralyzed and can't even move at all. Maybe even some people are blind and couldn't enjoy the beauty of sight that we all take for granted.

Once you realize that you still have a lot going good for you, even though you are bound to a wheelchair, you could do wonders that will amaze other people. Take for example, Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientist who contributed so much to the scientific community.

He was paralyzed due to ALS medical condition and he successfully survived for 55 years since diagnosis. Not only did he survive, he made the best use of whatever is left of his body. In his case, his brain was still functional and sound. Other parts of his body were almost non functional.

2. Try and discover your own talents. Everyone is good in something or the other. Bring the lousiest person in the world and you will still find something that he or she is good that. We humans are very unique that no one is actually created equal in terms of possessing talents. You may be good in things that I am not good at.

When you find your talents at last, you may want to focus on developing your personal talents, with the hope that one fine day, you could showcase your beautiful talents to other people. This will bring confidence and a purpose of life in you. You will feel appreciated and loved, and you will be proud of your achievements. Do not try to compete with other people talent wise, because if you turn out to be less competitive than others, you will again feel dejected and sad.

Instead, whatever you do, always believe that you are unique and you can do things uniquely, and in a way that will make people admire you. Forget about what other people achieved, instead enjoy your own journey of learning a talent in your life.

3. Your primary aim in life should be to try and be happy in everything that you do. Life is not worth it, if you have everything in the world, but you still remain unhappy. How many cases of people have you heard, who committed suicide even though they are extremely successful in their career and in their personal life.

You see, our human minds are like a bottomless pit. You can never fill it up completely with material goods and stay happy. The more we get, the more we still want. It is only when you set a certain limit that when you achieve that limit, you can be happily satisfied.

Let's say, you want to lose weight desperately and you try everything you can to lose weight. Somehow you manage to lose 2 kgs only and you are unhappy about it still. Now, you must say to yourself "That's great! I lost 2 kgs and I am happy about it. But if God allows, I might lose some more weight. Even if I don't lose anymore weight, I will still remain happy about it". Do you see how changing in the way you think, you end up being happy about losing only 2 kgs? Whereas if you think negatively, you might be cursing that you only lose 2 kgs and you can't strive for more weight loss. If only we accept whatever we have in life and appreciate things a bit more in life, our lives would become so much more brighter.

4. Try taking vitamin D and vitamin C in your daily health supplements. These two vitamins have helped people lose some weight. Ever wondered why some people lose weight during summer? No, it is not the sweating that makes you lose weight. It is the vitamin D that is manufactured in your body when the sun hits your skin.

Vitamin D will also help with your bad knee because it maintains strong bones for your knee and repair brittle soft bones. Talk to your family doctor about how much doses of Vitamin D to take in your daily supplements requirements.

Vitamin C helps in cutting the amount of Fat in your body. Since this vitamin is soluble, you do not have to worry about overdose. Any excess consumption of vitamin C will be absorbed and excreted in your pee. Be aware of stomach acid reflux though, vitamin C was known to create some stomach acid reflux in some people. If you do experience stomach acid reflux, it is best to reduce or completely stop your intake of vitamin C tablets.

5. Spreading your eating habits throughout the day will help you to lose weight. For example, if you normally eat 3 meals a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner), you can start eating 6 meals a day. This must sound crazy but the secret is to eat small portion, about 25% of what you normally eat in a single meal. So your every 6 meal in a day, must be in small portion about 25% of what you normally eat in a meal.

The explanation behind this, is that you are providing food to your body 6 times, throughout the day but in small portions. This is better than gourging yourself in 3 meals a day.

Your meal should consist of mostly fruits and vegetables, and some meat protein in small quantity, if you like. Stay away from rich dairy products and oily fried stuff. Only once a week, you can indulge in these delicacies and also in limited quantity. Keep away from sweet sugary foods and no sweet carbonated drinks or canned juices. Instead start drinking real natural freshly squeezed fruit juices.

6. Have you ever heard of "Good food for your thoughts"? It truly works. When you eat Banana and Oranges daily once a day, you will feel good and happy. These are some of the foods which makes a person feel good. Of course, there are many other foods that does make a person be in a good mood. You need to experiment with many fruits and foods in order to find the right one for yourself.

Be cautious when you have diabetes or high blood pressure condition. Some fruits and foods should be avoided to keep those medical health problems away. For example, pears is very sweet and has high sugary contents. Eating them often will lead to severe diabetes. Banana also has lots of sugar and should be avoided if you have diabetes.

7. Age is not a factor in achieving happiness and living a meaningful life. You can still pursue your dreams in your 60s and come out successfully. Now is the best time to do the things you always wanted to do in life.

Take a good hobby, make a vacation trip to somewhere beautiful. The world is such a beautiful place. Continue to explore the world day by day. Do it little by little and you will be surprised how much you still don't know about our beautiful world.

The journey of learning is amazing in our life and there are never ending things you can learn about in life. Learning will make you happy and more satisfied in life. You will be more proud to know so much more than other people, in spite of your medical physical disabilities. Forget about the sorrowful, frightening events happening in the world. You will not find happiness by looking at bad events. Instead search for enlightenment, by hanging around with positive minded people and doing every little positive things you can do in life.
answered by Suzanne

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