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How do I know what stuff I can throw in each Organic bin (Green), Recycle bin (Blue) and Garbage bin (Grey) in Toronto? I have just lost the calendar given by the city of Toronto garbage utilities company.

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As a first time town home owner, I am quite clueless about which garbage goes into which bins - Green, Grey, or Blue. There are times when after a house party, I am not sure where all different kinds of garbage goes to. So I might have ended up throwing the wrong garbage into the wrong bins.

The city had provided me with a garbage calendar which states the date and time, for which type of garbage to be put out onto our curb. Careless as I am, I threw the calendar into the garbage bin by mistake. I used to refer to the calendar about what goes into which color garbage bins.

I am aware that it creates a problem for the garbage sorting facility, when they have to do extensive sorting of garbage because the residents threw the wrong garbage in the wrong bins. That's why I feel I have the obligation to at least know what goes into which bins. I understand that there are some items that cannot even go into any of the garbage bins as they are either too big to fit into the bins or too hazardous to dump into the ordinary curbside pickup bins. So in that case, what is my best bet?
asked in City of Toronto by Lancy

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