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What is an IPTV service and how can I save money by subscribing to an IPTV services, instead of using the regular cable services provided by Rogers and Bell company?

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I have seen banners and ads along the front yard of some residential roads, major intersection roads and it advertises cheap IPTV services plan for barely $20 per month. I do not have any idea, as to what difference is there between a regular cable TV service and this IPTV service.

Does IPTV provides all the channels that we usually get from a regular cable company? If so, are those IPTV service providers legal to operate as a competitor to those big box cable company like Rogers TV and Bell TV?

From what I understand, we need to purchase a type of TV streaming box and we should have a home internet connection, in order to run the TV channels. Is that right? Once installed, are there monthly services fees to be paid to the IPTV provider?

I hope that the quality of the IPTV service is not choppy or slow or else it would be a wasted monthly fees, if we can't watch anything properly. Once I bought an android streaming box and it was a horrible experience.

There were hardly anything good to watch with the available apps. Most of the movies and videos were so outdated and nobody ever watched them anymore. I even found Roku to be quite boring and lacking in rich content apps. There is no chance of streaming box replacing the regular TV cable yet because there are hardly any live TV channels available in the android streaming box.
asked in Winnipeg by Wilfred

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