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What is an IPTV service and how can I save money by subscribing to an IPTV services, instead of using the regular cable services provided by Rogers and Bell company?

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I have seen banners and ads along the front yard of some residential roads, major intersection roads and it advertises cheap IPTV services plan for barely $20 per month. I do not have any idea, as to what difference is there between a regular cable TV service and this IPTV service.

Does IPTV provides all the channels that we usually get from a regular cable company? If so, are those IPTV service providers legal to operate as a competitor to those big box cable company like Rogers TV and Bell TV?

From what I understand, we need to purchase a type of TV streaming box and we should have a home internet connection, in order to run the TV channels. Is that right? Once installed, are there monthly services fees to be paid to the IPTV provider?

I hope that the quality of the IPTV service is not choppy or slow or else it would be a wasted monthly fees, if we can't watch anything properly. Once I bought an android streaming box and it was a horrible experience.

There were hardly anything good to watch with the available apps. Most of the movies and videos were so outdated and nobody ever watched them anymore. I even found Roku to be quite boring and lacking in rich content apps. There is no chance of streaming box replacing the regular TV cable yet because there are hardly any live TV channels available in the android streaming box.
asked in Winnipeg by Wilfred

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1 Answer

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Traditional cable channels provided by Rogers and Bell company have existed for a very long time. Typically those premium channels are expensive for a lot of people who can't afford them. They could cost up to $80 or more depending upon the types of channel packages offered by the TV cable operators. 

If you can afford them, they are good to have and legally you won't get into any trouble by purchasing those TV premium services. But how about for those who have limited budget for TV services channels, and they still want those High Definitions premium channels?

The answer is the IPTV services. IPTV stands for Inter Protocol Television. This technology had been around for quite many years now but they are slow in being adopted by general public, due to people's old preferences of having the old cable channel services. 
Those who haven't kept up with technology advances made in IPTV is missing out because you could realistically get the same quality of premium channels services for 1/10th of the price of premium cable channels. It uses the concept of delivering TV channels streaming over the internet to people's homes. 

It cost about $15 to $25 per month for using IPTV services and it contains about 1000+ channels or more. A lot of the channels are High Definitions channels like Movies, Sports, Kids, Multi languages channels, News, TV shows, HBO, HGTV, CTV News,CBC News, Spike, Star Channels, Discovery, Comedy Central, Just for laughs, Love Nature, History, TLC, National Geography, BBC, DIY, Food, Travel, Much Music, Fox, TVO, Sony and many more.

There are many packages to choose from the IPTV services provider like Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Portugese, Tagalog, Russian. When they say there are more than 1000+ channels, you better believe them because I currently have IPTV services and they are wonderful money savers services with high quality channels. 

Please do not confuse this IPTV streaming box with other Android boxes, Apple TV and other popular streaming boxes. Those other streaming boxes consist of several apps like Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube, Disney, Apple TV which would likely require you to pay further service subscription charges for using them. There are very less free App channels with other streaming boxes.

Whereas this IPTV streaming box does not require you to pay further charges beside the monthly subscription charges of about $15 to $25 depening on the channel packages you choose. IPTV channels services are usually provided by small private companies individuals. 

You can find IPTV Service providers in Kijiji website and other local ads website. I found them through word of mouth from a neighbor. You could also occasionally find some IPTV ads sign on sidewalks or retail spaces area. 

I do not know how they operate without the big box cable channels company like Bell and Rogers coming after them to sue them. All I know is that it seems legal for IPTV providers to operate and so far, I haven't had issues for using them. 

Although certain times, a few of the channels doesn't work properly but can be fixed by changing to another channels and then back again to the same channel. The problem has more to do with the internet connection problem rather than the IPTV channels itself. If you have a fast unlimited internet, your IPTV experience could be quite smooth and pleasant.


For IPTV to work, you need an unlimited home internet services which will connect you to the IPTV service providers. You also need a streaming box such as "Mag 322 IPTV box by Infomir". 

So how all of this works to provide you with your TV channels is described below. 

1. You purchase the "Mag 322 IPTV box by Infomir" from the IPTV services provider or from Amazon, eBay. There are many other IPTV streaming boxes available online but it is recommended to purchase them directly from the IPTV service provider. The reason being that they know better which company product and streaming boxes works better with their IPTV channels services.

You might buy it online somewhere else for cheaper but no guarantee that same IPTV streaming box will work with your IPTV service providers network. So always ask the IPTV service provider, if your own streaming boxes will work with their channel services.

2. The IPTV services provider will setup your IPTV streaming box in front of you and enter your personal subscription details into their billing system. Subscription can be paid monthly but I rather choose yearly rates, as they are cheaper and less tedious than to pay them each month. At the end of the year, I send an E-Transfer Interac money to the guy's email and then he updates my yearly subscription for me.

3. You may want to choose the different types of IPTV packages they have, ranging from sports, movies, TV shows, Drama, Kids, Adults, Foreign languages and prices varies accordingly. English channels are usually included in most packages.

4. Ask the IPTV provider to test out your new streaming box in front of you and ask any questions you may have. If there are any unfamiliar buttons or features in the streaming box options, now is the time to clarify them. Get familiar with various buttons on the provided remote control.

5. Finally, when you get home, you simply plug in an ethernet cable from back of your Internet modem to the back of your IPTV streaming box. 


6. Then, you plug in an HDMI cable from back of IPTV streaming box to the back of your TV HDMI cable slot. 


If you don't have them, you may need to buy an HDMI cable, but a HDMI cable are usually provided when you purchase your IPTV streaming box. 

7. Then at last, plug in your IPTV Power Plug to the power outlet. Turn on both your TV and IPTV Streaming Box, and start enjoying.

answered by Chad

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