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Are there any convenience fees charged if property taxes and utilities are paid by the Canadian Tire WE M/C?

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Peel region website states that property tax payments by credit card are subject to a convenience fee (around 2.5%), yet other people have said that this fee is not charged when paid by Canadian Tire WE M/C, is this true and if so, how is this possible?
asked in Mississauga / Peel Region by Satty

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1 Answer

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Yes. It is possible to pay for your property taxes and utilities using your world elite Canadian triangle card, without paying any convenience fees. 

How it works is that Peel region does not charge fees directly to the customers, when customers pay property taxes with their credit card. Rather Peel region uses financial services provider such as plastiq or PayTm which handles the credit card transactions for Peel region property taxes and utilities payment.

When you signed up with PayTm, you add your canadiantire world elite MasterCard information into the PayTm app which then allows you to pay for property taxes and utilities for free. Normally there is convenience charges but for MasterCard, PayTm transaction is free. 

You also earn 1 PayTm point for every $1 spent on bill payments. PayTm can also be used to pay for insurance, cell phone bills, and many more bills. When you collect enough PayTm points, you can redeem those points for gifts cards such as Esso, Amazon, Tim Hortons, Cineplex, Starbucks and many more.

Meanwhile, you also earn 1% canadiantire e-money for using your world elite MasterCard. So it is a win win situation for using one credit card to make a payment and you collect points at PayTm and Canadiantire e-money, without paying convenience fees too. 

Check out PayTm app now:


answered by Peterson

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