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how to get rid of mice in BQ

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asked in Toronto (GTA) by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Finding a single mice in your house is enough to send chills and creepiness into your body, and you have the right reason to feel that way. Because you never know if there is actually an infestation of rats or mice in your house. You need to quickly get rid of them before they multiple and infest your house entirely with rats or mice colonies. 

Luckily there are some easy to use home products and methods to trap and kill them, without the help of a professional. But if you find it too disgusting to get rid of mice yourselves, then hiring a Professional is the only option left to do. 

(In most cases for Baits, you can use peanut butter, pet food, cooked rice or raw rice, chocolate, cookies)


1. Live traps: This trap is used to capture the mice alive and doesn't kill it instantly. It is then upto you if relocating it far away is possible or killing it is more appropriate. 


2. Glue Traps: It looks like a big piece of thick paper or plastic with glue on top of it. You need to put food baits in the middle centre part of the glue trap, so that when the mice steps onto the glue trap, its body is stuck strongly onto the glue trap. To kill the mice further, you can simply let it remain for few days in that sticky situation, until the mice starves to death or use any other method, you can think of in disposing the half alive mice. 


3. Snap traps: They come in either wooden or plastic build quality and either has a smooth jaw or sharp razors type jaw. Once the mice heads for the food baits placed on the edge of the indicated area, it triggers the Snap trap to shut and snap down on the mice with a powerful force thus killing mice instantly. 

It can be dangerous for pets like cats and dogs to be near this snap trap, because it hurts quite badly, if ever pets gets snapped by one of these things. Even humans had been mistakenly been hurt on their fingers, when they activated the snap trap accidentally, while installing or removing one of these traps. 


4. Electric Traps: These traps functions similar to the Live trap as mentioned earlier, except this is a lethal killing trap. It uses strong electric shock that can kill a mice instantly, once it is activated by the mice. Although they are usually designed to be harmless to pets but nevertheless, it is not a pleasant experience for any pets to go through, if they got electric shocked by one of these traps. 

answered by Walter

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