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Is it Canadian tire MasterCard or triangle MasterCard?

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I have the triangle MasterCard through Canadian tire MasterCard. So is it triangle MasterCard or Canadian tire MasterCard cause there is both for options. 
asked in Brandon by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It is actually a Canadian Tire bank with a credit card product called Triangle MasterCard. I know that in the past their credit card used to be called the "Options MasterCard" but then they rebranded the name to "Triangle MasterCard".

However, but when you are paying your bills online, better to choose "Canadian Tire MasterCard" as payee. That is what I have been doing for many years now. It is the correct payee to pay for your bills. 

I think that "Triangle MasterCard" as payee also might work but I can't be sure because I have never tried it. You can call their Canadian Tire MasterCard customer service representative phone number at (18004596415) and find out if "Triangle MasterCard" as payee for online billing will work or not to pay your credit card bills.

Another way to find out if "Triangle MasterCard" as payee works or not, is to choose that option first. Then type in your Canadian Tire MasterCard account number and see if the system accepts it as correct payee with your account number. If it accepts your account number then it should work. Otherwise safer to just choose "Canadian Tire MasterCard" as payee.
answered by Randy

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