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How to repair and fix my leaning or broken backyard fences with minimum cost, and without hiring an expensive contractor? I am on a tight budget. I don't have the skills but am willing to learn.

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My backyard fences is old, leaning and broken in some places. It's looks like it could fall down any moment. Temporarily I had tied a rope from nearby tree to the fence post to hold the entire fence. Until then I need a more permanent and cheap solutions to fix and repair them. Winter months are of great concern to me due to strong winds, which could break the entire section of my backyard fence.

I got some quotation from some private fence contractors and the price quoted were really ridiculously expensive. It cost about $3000 plus tax for only 24 ft of wooden fences. I believe I could do it for way cheaper if I did it myself. I know it takes time for me to do it myself and I do not have the skill sets but I am willing to learn and gain experience. 

I did watch some YouTube channels videos on how to fix and repair fences but none of them seem to work for my situation. I mean I needed the lower part of fence post to be above the concrete instead of inside the concrete to prevent rapid rotting of the wooden fence post. 

I like to also know what sort of tools are required to successfully complete this project. The length of the project duration is not much concern for me but I want it to be of minimal cost since my budget is very much limited.
asked in Markham / York Region by George

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