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What is the best apps for seeing digital flyers for major stores in Canada?

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I usually get paper flyers sent to my door from local newspaper but there was one time when there was not a single flyers sent to my door for several months. During the absence of flyers, I wanted to check out the flyers from some major stores such as Bestbuy, Canadiantire, Home Depot, Rona, Walmart, Lowes, The source, Food basic, No Frills, Metro Foods and others. I had to visit each store's website and check out their flyers which was tedious and tough work.

Since I wasn't receiving any flyers from the local newspaper, I suddenly thought it would be nice to actually have digital flyers sent to my smart phones. I searched for some flyer apps in Google play store, App store but didn't really liked the ones I installed because they weren't always updated and lacked user friendliness.

Mobile Apps

asked in Victoria by Riham Assaf (200 points)

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1 Answer

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Flipp is the best app for seeing weekly flyer on smart phones in Canada. They have all the best retail store flyers and these flyers are very accurate and exact copy of the original paper flyer that people receive from their mail box weekly. In fact, Flipp has a lot more of other flyers included as well that we can't find on the physical flyers we get at our mail box. Flipp also display the feature where you can either print out or mark the discount coupons to be used later. Personally I haven't tried out this new feature yet but I believe the coupon will work when you print it out.

Flipp also has another feature wherein if you find one of the item interesting but you want to go back to reading it later, you can simply tap on that item and then a yellow circle will appear over it. Then later when you tap on "Clippings" section under menu, you will find all those items you had selected to be viewed later. Overall, this is a very helpful app and it had saved me a lot of time when I do my shopping. I don't have to flip over large number of paper flyers just to find a certain items. I can do it simply by tapping on my tablet easily.

Flipp Weekly Flyers

answered by Donald Silva (169 points)

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