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How do i check if my phone will be compatible with Fido, Rogers, Chatr, Mobilicity, Wind, Koodo, Bell, or Telus?

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I know a lot of people are telling me to simply go to the mobile phone company kiosk and ask if their carrier will support my phone but I would like to instead be able to simply type in my phone type and check if my phone will be supported by a certain phone company. It is quite tedious if I am shopping for a new mobile phone company and I had to go to each kiosk or retail store to ask if my phone will work in their network. There must be an easier way perhaps to check in website and see if my phone will be compatible.

Unfortunately, most of the phone company doesn't have that option in their website to check if a certain phone will be compatible with their network. One of my friend recently visited China and purchased a 4g LTE Xiaomi Mi 4 model only to be disappointed that his phone wasn't connecting to the speed of 4g or even 3g, only 2g was working on his Fido network. Using 2g is so out of date and nothing can be done using that 2g Network like browsing or using apps.

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asked in Barrie by Rose Burns (183 points)

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2 Answers

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I found this website which was very helpful with checking if my phone will be compatible in my country worldwide. It simply asked me for my phone brand, model, my country and carrier name. Then when I clicked on "search", it just gave me a list of network 2g, 3g or 4g type that the mentioned phone carrier will support or not. Try for yourself and see how easy it is to use this feature for free.


answered by Donald Silva (169 points)
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Watch video on "Looking for a brand new phone but not sure if it will work in your country? Did you wanted to confirm first before buying the new phone? Find out the best and easiest way to check your phone compatibility with a few clicks":

answered by Susanna

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