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ls it possible to pay taxes/hydro /utilitybills via credit card ie visa/m/c amex

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asked in City of Toronto by Madatali

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1 Answer

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You "cannot" pay your Toronto Hydro bills, Toronto Property Tax bill, and Toronto Utility bills using your credit card "Directly". They won't accept your credit card payments. 

But there are "Indirect" ways and hacks to still pay those bills using certain credit cards as listed below:

1. Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard:

(A) login to your Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard account online.

(B) Tap on "Menu" link. Choose "Payments".

(C) Under "Pay Bills" menu, choose "Manage Payees".

(D) Tap on "Add Payee".

(E) Choose "Toronto Taxes" for property taxes.

(F) Choose "Toronto Hydro" for your hydro electricity bill. 

(G) Once you have added the required payee, Tap on "Make a payment" to pay the selected payee. 

Then follow the prompt to complete your transaction. Remember there could be credit card convenience fees charged for this transaction. Please contact Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard customer service at 1-800-387-8803 for further details. 

2. You can also use "PayTM.ca" service to pay for your property taxes and utilities, but they will charge 2.5% credit card convenience fees for the transaction. 

answered by Jolene

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