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How to get a drivers license in Toronto, Ontario for newcomers to Canada?

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What if I have a drivers license from other country and I want to receive driving experience credit for my application? Do I have to go through all the driving test even though I have a foreign driving license?

Ontario Driving License

asked in City of Toronto by Cheryl King (160 points)

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If you have a foreign drives license from other countries, you can get credit for it. For example, usually for people who just passed G1 written test, they will need to wait for at least 8 to 12 months before they can even attempt to do the G2 Driving practical test. However, if you had a driving license from other countries, you can get credit for it and instead of waiting 12 months to be allowed to do the G2 Practical Test, you can start your practical driving test in a few months time, after the G1 Written test.

Then after you received your G2 license, you will to do the final G practical test which will include both the city and highway driving. Both this G2 and G driving test must be completed within 5 year, starting from the date you first successfully completed your G1 written test.
answered by Sarah Robbins (161 points)

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