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What is the secret to getting a good night sleep?

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Is it the problem with the mattress or the room being too bright? For some people sleep just comes so naturally while for others, they even need to resort to taking sleeping pills. I find that when I am hungry, I can never fall off to sleep even if I am dead tired and sleepy. Food somehow comforts me and makes me sleepy. Even if I slept well, and after a light lunch, I start to feel sleepy while doing work or anything.


asked in Victoria by Sarah Robbins (162 points)

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1 Answer

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One secret to getting a good night sleep is to put a big plank of hard wood under your mattress to create a firm mattress feeling. if you are the type of person who likes to sleep on firm mattress, you should do that. A lot of the mattresses that are sold on the retail stores are either too soft or not firm enough. Sleeping on soft mattress causes you to have a bent body and hunch back. It is advisable to sleep on firm mattress. look for the spring mattress because they last longer and does not cave in after a few years of use. The hard foam will seem firm in the first few years after which they will cave in and cause you to have a backache.
answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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