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Is it safe to wear contact lenses everday without harming our eyes?

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I heard from some people that wearing contact lenses everyday is not good for the eyes. They say it is always better to wear eye glasses instead of contact lenses except in cases when you have to play sports or do some physical work.

Contact Lenses

asked in City of Toronto by Orlando Berg (156 points)

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1 Answer

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There have been cases where extreme wearing of contact lenses had caused your own eye cornea (The transparent part of your eye) to be scratched badly and then you would feel like you are seeing scratch marks all the time in front of you. I would suggest to remove your contact lenses when sleeping during the night and whenever possible, in order to give your eyes much needed breath of fresh air.

Sometimes even the contact lenses had been reported to have melted into the person's eyes as was reported in the news. This was due to extreme heat at the place where the person was at the time. The place was so hot that contact lenses simply melted and stuck onto the person's eyes. If possible, eye glasses are the best and safest choice. Lasik surgery is not a good choice either as there are a lot of risk associated with the Lasik surgery which the Doctors would not tell you.
answered by Carol Liu (165 points)

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