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How to set up my rogers home internet Wifi modem?

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I have recently upgraded my Rogers internet cable plans which promises faster download and upload speed, but then rogers mentioned that I needed to swap my old internet modem for a faster newer modem. I did get the new modem from Rogers and I am looking for the best and fastest way to setup the rogers Wi-Fi modem and start using the internet. Rogers Customer Representative told me that I don't need my own separate Wi-Fi modem to use the internet, the Wi-Fi is in-built in the modem itself.

Rogers Modem

asked in City of Toronto by Orlando Berg (121 points)

1 Answer

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The best and fastest way to setup your new rogers modem is to use the provided flash drive that came with the package. That flash drive contains the setup files needed to install the settings required to start using the modem. You would need to choose a new network name (SSID), new security keys and that's about all needed to get started. Once setup is done, in order to access the new network, you need to enter the new network name or security keys on the device, you want to use (Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop).

You might need to initially use an Ethernet cable and connect it from your rogers modem to a laptop to do the setup. After that, you won't need the Ethernet cable anymore and you can connect using the rogers in built Wi-Fi modem.
answered by Pedro Melo (138 points)