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How do i find my triangle elite account?

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asked in Calgary by anonymous

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1 Answer

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If you are looking to access your Canadiantire Triangle Elite Card account online, you will need to sign up for it using your Triangle Elite card information. 

1. Go to Canadiantire Elite Card Login.

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Enrol Now".

3. Tap on "Enroll Now" again under the "Canadiantire Credit Card".

4. Follow the Steps such as entering your credit card number and 3 digit security code located behind your credit card.

5. Once you are done registering, you can go back to the login page and enter your username and password.

Some of the things you could do with your registered account are:

1. View your Triangle Elite Credit Card Balance and transaction information. You can also view your past e-statements dating back to several years ago.

2. Display your Canadiantire Money Rewards Balance, so you will know how much rewards you can redeem next time you are making a purchase at Canadian Tire Store.

3. The amount of Available credit limit is also shown on the main page, that is the remaining credit limit balance available, as you know this amount is reduced the more you use your credit card. It resets to full available amount again once you pay off your credit card purchases balances.

4. You can make a payment to pay off the credit card balance using "Interac Online" and your "Bank Account".

5. Did you know you could pay your property taxes, Hydro bills, Natural Gas Bills, Phone Bills, TV Cable Bills, Insurance Premiums, any other recurring bills payment using your Triangle Elite Card, and earn "Canadiantire rewards money"? Simply tap on "Pay Now" option, under "Pay Bills", "Manage Payee", Search for the "Payee" you want to make a payment to. 

6. You can activate the "Notifyme Alerts" option to alert you when a purchase is made through your Triangle Elite MasterCard, when a payment is due or if you are about to over-use your available credit limit balance.

7. You can also Lock your credit card immediately by tapping on "Card Hold" option. This feature is helpful if you can't remember where you kept your credit card and you don't want others to misuse your credit card if it is stolen or lost. Once you lock your card, no one can make any purchases unless you unlock it again. 

8. Requesting for a Supplementary card or a replacement card is as easy as tapping on the option.

9. If you want to report a lost or stolen card, there is an option for that too.

10. Sometimes you might want to change your pin number for your Credit Card, remember there is an option to change PIN. You must know your old pin in order to change to a new pin number. 

But if you simply have forgotten your old pin and want to change a new pin number, then you need to call customer service instead. There is no option to change your pin number if you don't remember your old pin number. 

answered by Philip

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